User experience comes first
Whether you want to communicate to your customers or staff, our technical writing service prioritises the entire experience and breaks down information so that it can be easily understood.

Lower costs
Save on costs by reducing your customer support burden, increase the efficiency of your staff and at the same time improve on quality. All killed by one stone’s throw!

Concise. Clear. Accurate
Troubled by how to keep technical information simple yet retain the original meaning? Leave it to us, we have experience in delivering highly specialised information in layman’s terms.

User manuals and guides

Step by step and easy to follow explanations for your users.

Training manuals

Effective learning aids that are simple to understand

Policies and procedures

Explain your policies and procedures in common man’s language

Technical descriptions

Need technical drawings, analyses or write ups? We are the best people.

Knowledge base and FAQs

Lower your customer service overheads through FAQs that work

Illustrated parts list

Well drawn and easy to relate parts lists for your enterprise.

Troubleshooting guides

Save on cost by reducing the amount of time it takes to identify problems.

Bids and tenders

Get awarded that tender thanks to winning application documents.

Repair manuals

Develop technical support materials to assist in meeting consumer needs

Online Help

Solutions based on how your users think when looking for help online

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Banking Telecoms Constructio Avionics Domestic

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Manuscript preparation

Our experts do research, draft and then write your documents

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“Our shop sells Chinese motorcycles which often lack proper user documentation. The ContentBay team has always been on call for the last 3 years and has done manuals for all the different models we bring.”
Katey Warp
“I had underestimated how much difference having a knowledge base created by professionals would make. The number of frustrated clients who can’t find answers has dipped drastically”
Max Brent
“The first company we hired to do our user manual did a horrendous job. This caused so much strain on the team as we still had to meet the deadlines. Thanks Contentbay for saving my situation :) ”
Naomi Obunedeju
“Being and aeronautical engineering factory it was hard for us to find a reliable company to do our parts lists. So far so good and I look forward to a more fruitful future with ContentBay.”
Eddie Fleming
“Good people to work with. We shall be back with more work”
Ian Hathaway

  • UK experts in all areas of specialisation
  • Visually appealing manuscripts for better experience
  • FREE revisions
  • Specially prepared original content
  • We publish in most formats
  • i.e online, word, ePub, pdf, print,Video, SSC, Madcap Flare etc.
  • We are proficient in most software
  • e.g. adobe tools, Snaglt, wikis, SVN, linux, iOS, oracle, mysql etc.


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