Words that Don’t Exist Yet Used Too Often

Bad grammar spreads like a wild fire when there's nobody to stop it soon enough.

You’re probably guilty of these crimes against  the English language. There are several words which you use but they don’t even exist. You use them so often that you’ve made them to appear normal. Bad grammar spreads like a wild fire when there’s nobody to stop it soon enough.

You’ve probably heard some people mutilate English words but you just cringed and left them to their own devices. Unlike you, we won’t let this just slide anymore. People need to know the truth so they stop embarrassing themselves while trying to sound cool.

Are you guilty of any of these literary  atrocities?

Irregardless: First off, there’s no such word. Most people who use this ‘word’ assume it can be used in the place of “regardless.” Every time you use it, a grammar Nazi suffers a rage fit.

Grammer: It’s grammar, not grammer! If you can’t even spell grammar, what else would you probably know about good grammar?

Alot, alittle: Stop it already. People who write a lot  or a little as one word are simply  too lazy to hit the space bar. If you aren’t, don’t do it again.

Supposably: No. It’s supposedly. And no, it’s not  cool at all, not  even when you’re saying it among people who can’t speak English. Grammar Nazis will find out and you will be shamed.

I could care less: It’s actually supposed to be ” I couldn’t care less” which means that you don’t care at all. Not even a little. When you say “I could care less” you’re simply saying that you care, which is not what people mean to say when they use that phrase.

We have a bonus “bad word,” which is often misused and more often overused. Your guess is  correct! It’s none other than the word ” literally.” If I had a dollar for every time you wrongly used that word , I’d probably be one of the most moneyed grammar Nazis you’ll ever meet.

Share this article with that friend who is obsessed with all the wrong words. When you don’t want to suffer bad grammar embarrassments, hire a copywriter to write or at least proofread your copy before you let it go live.


Cover Letter:How to Write a Smashing Cover Letter

You need an excellent cover letter to accompany your already great  CV.

You need an excellent cover letter to accompany your already great  CV. If you have doubt about the greatness of your CV, then maybe you should see this first.  Your CV and cover letter must work hand in hand to land you in that dream job  that keeps you awake at night.

There are several key points you must keep in mind when writing a cover letter. Here are the top 8:

Don’t Repeat the CV/Resume: The purpose of a cover letter is to showcase your skills and experience, explaining why you are the perfect fit for the position. You need not regurgitate everything you said in your CV. The letter is simply a few  paragraphs of  why they should hire you.

Only Say the Things that Matter for the Position: You only have a few words to express yourself so you had better go straight to the point. Every word you put down on the cover letter needs to be in tandem with the position you are applying for. Omit the general skills or experience and instead concentrate on those that are specific  to the position you’re interested in.

Write as Your Biggest Fan: Imagine you were your own fan and say the best things you know about you. Go ahead and brag a bit about your accomplishments and skills. This is no time to be modest.

Avoid the Archaic Cover Letter Phrases: You know what I’m talking about here. Steer clear of “I’m excited to apply…” or “I’m writing to apply for the position of…” or  “My name is..” These phrases are robotic and too dated to catch the attention of the hiring manager. You need not say your name again after stating it in the cover letter.

Sculpt Each Cover Letter for Each Application: There’s this old habit of producing dozens of copies of the same letter, which you drop wherever they’re hiring and it needs to stop. If you haven’t done that yet, please don’t. This is the epitome of laziness and lack of enthusiasm and that’s not how to get noticed among a pile of cover letters. Write a specific cover letter for each application you make. You need to go the extra mile to clinch that position.

Be Honest: Work with what you have. It’s quite tempting to exaggerate a little but don’t. These little white lies will come back to haunt you if you get that position or worse off deny you the opportunity. Being truthful with the little of experience and skills you possess may land you in places a lie will never take you.

Don’t Address What You Don’t Have: In other words, don’t pull yourself down. The essence of the cover letter is to showcase your skills and experience. Concentrate on what you bring to the table. Don’t register any regrets for lacking certain skills. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter.

The Shorter the Better: The hiring manager needs a succinct cover letter, 250 words or less. Be  brief  but clear and straight to the point. You do not need pages to explain why you should be hired. With the right words, one page will perfectly drive your message home.

Are you stuck with a cover letter right now? Click here to get professional help and tips. Heroes don’t always wear capes, some just have cover letter writing prowess.

Getting the Best from Ghostwriting Services

A good ghostwriter is okay. However, okay is not enough when what you want is excellence. Choose someone who understands your subject and more-so one who is interested in the story.

If  you have engaged a ghostwriter before, you know that these guys hold the key to the project’s success. A ghost writer will either breathe life into your work or help you burn it. It’s therefore paramount that you’re certain of the ghostwriting services you’re about to employ.

A good ghostwriter is okay. However, okay is not enough when what you want is excellence. Choose someone who understands your subject and more-so one who is interested in the story.  When a ghost writer is intrigued or enjoys the story,you can rest assured that you’ll get top-notch results.

Ensure also that your ghostwriter is able to capture your voice right from the start. Test them if you must. Be it a book, screenplay, scripts, articles or reports, your voice must be prominent, not the ghost’s. If this isn’t the case, then the project ceases to be  yours  and that’s not good for you.

A ghost should want what you want. Their ideas may be considered but you hold the last word. Never allow the ghost’s ego to stand in the way of your project. If he/she is not willing to let you run the show, you should be worried. Or maybe you should just drop them. This I say because some ghosts will sometimes overstep their mandate and try to overhaul your story. A ghost’s job is not to judge you but to simply listen to you and write.

That said, you will need to be firm about how far the ghost can go as far as altering your work is concerned. You should be clear from the start on how much leeway you’re allowing them. This ensures the ghostwriter is able to know their limits and  you get what you want .

At Contentbay, we give you choices which dictate how much you allow us to do with your project.

Your Ideas, Your Words: You provide us with a rough draft of your project and we polish it up into the final product. We can also have you talk to us, then we’ll use our notes to churn out your desired content.

Your Ideas, Our Words: You present to us your ideas in form of an outline, after which we do the necessary research and write. You will be involved throughout the entire process to make changes where necessary.

Our Ideas, Our Words: This one is quite easy.Here, you let us do all the work and all you’ll need to do is make your approval. We present the ideas which you vet and make a decision, then we go ahead and write.

It’s quite easy to work with a ghostwriter when the rules are clearly set from the start. Contact us today and let us help you say what you have to say.



Finding Creative Ideas for Article Writing

Article writing might not be one of your strengths you  need to get your creative juices flowing to create top notch content for your website.

You need unique and tasteful articles for your websites but you have no idea where to begin. Article writing might not be one of your strengths but are you willing to give it a try? It’s perfectly understandable if you’re in doubt right now because you don’t feel creative enough at the moment. Well, you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing to create top notch content for your website.

Creating content which appeals to your audience is no mean fete which is the main reason why there are professional article writers. For the sake of those instances when you want to get your hands dirty and do it yourself, here are a few tips. This is how to find creative ideas for article writing.

Visit similar websites: You know best who your competition is. Look them up and lurk around and you might just get inspired to write your own content. With this one, you’ll need to be careful with the temptation to copy their content. Believe me, it isn’t worth it.  You are only there to see what you’re up against.  Plus you are only allowed to  be  a mile or two ahead of their article writing abilities. That’s fair enough.

Refer to your greatest works: You can draw inspiration by looking at the best of your work. Read the best articles you’ve ever written. This is great for the mind as it puts you in a winning mood. You are reminded of how good you can be in article writing and then you’ll be aching to open a blank page and choke it up with outstanding content.

Search for article writing tips: Sometimes you really do need help churning out great ideas. There’s plenty of tips on the internet, some of which will perfectly suit your needs.  You’ll find rich advice especially from professional article writers, most of whom have personal blogs. Be ready to read wide.

Take a risk: Yes. Try something different , regardless of  how crazy it sounds at first. You’ll be amazed at how great some of those ‘stupid’ ideas are. When you’re not sure what or how to write, just write and see what happens. You can always Delete if you don’t like it in the end. Just don’t let the blank page intimidate you. Write something and awaken your muse.

With article writing, you can often never go wrong. You’ll only need to understand your goal and serve your target audience the best. When you don’t feel creative enough, remind yourself that there has to be a way. There’s no giving up in article writing.

Content Marketing: How to Boost Your Business in 2016

Here's to a memorable year in content marketing.  If you want different results at the end of 2016, you ought to employ a new strategy.
Photo Credit: Flickr.com

Happy New Year 2016!

It’s a new year and you need to try new things for your business as far as content marketing is concerned. If you want different results at the end of the year, you ought to employ a new strategy and follow it through. Success in business never comes easy, you should know this by now.

What content marketing strategy did you try in 2015? Did it work? If not, maybe it’s time you tried something different. You can’t give up this soon. The year is still young and you can make massive changes before it’s too late. Lets discuss three content marketing tools which could easily help your business  soar to greater heights.

Polish up your webpages. Haven’t you heard that content is king and there’s no substitute? The quality of all content you relay to readers ( potential clients) is very  important. This is the face of your business and you ought to make it as appealing as possible. Engage professional web designers to create a topnotch website for your business. Ensure that the website content is also high-end and specifically tailored for your target market. It’s easy to find expert copywriters who will provide cutting edge writing services. Do not spare any expenses when you have a clear goal. In time, your Return on Investment  will justify your efforts.

Venture into Ebook Writing. Ebook writing is not about to die and every internet-dependent business person who knows this is busy taking advantage of this medium. You can either decide to offer your ebooks for free  or sell  at your preferred price. Ebooks are currently one of the most effective  content marketing tools. You only need to know your market and give them what they want.

Consider Infographics. Infographics are a convenient and appealing tool which makes work easier for you and the reader. You get to achieve your content marketing goals while giving the reader a great experience with content. You only need to ensure your infographics are eye candy, the type that a reader would want to share with other like minded people.  How great your infographics are will ultimately determine how successful this tool will be.

There’s much more to content  marketing than just webpages, ebooks and infographics. The internet is rich with options which could suit your target market. Study your audience and find out which tool works for your business. 2016 presents you with the opportunity to make things work for your business.

Here’s to a memorable year in content marketing.

You Need a New Article Writer ASAP!

Ensure you're getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don't settle for less when there's probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

Managing a company blog or website is no mean fete. You need to  be careful with the type of content you display to your visitors who could use your content to make important consumer decisions. All this will depend on the proficiency of your article writer. Your content marketing will only be as great as the writer. If they cannot write compelling and interesting content, then you have no option but to look elsewhere for help . Quality is not the only reason you might need a new article writer. There are several reasons why you may  need to go searching again.

How long have you had your current article writer? Years? Well, they must be good at what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted that long on your payroll. However, change might be necessary at some point. Take the risk and try a different  person. You never know, you might end up with a much better person. This is especially necessary when the person doesn’t seem to be up to date with trends in content marketing.

Do your maths and see how much benefit your current article writer has brought to your business. Compare your current writer to those you’ve had before  and determine if they’re an asset or sadly a liability. You cannot allow your hard earned money to go down the drain while you can find a better article writer in nothing less than a click. Get value for money.

We mentioned quality articles earlier but it entails much more than a mere mention. It’s time to sit and take stock to determine the type of articles you’ve been getting. Is the article writer SEO-conscious? What length of articles have you been receiving? Does the writer demonstrate a genuine concern and interest in the success of your business? Does the article writer ever churn out brilliant ideas to help advance your business? If your current article writer does not match up to your idea of quality content, drop them now rather than later.

A great article writer should become ‘attached’ to your business with time, so much that your success is their success. They should add value to your business by producing unmatched content to help your website impress search engines and ultimately attract useful traffic.

Ensure you’re getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don’t settle for less when there’s probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

Reasons Why You Need CV Writing Help

Why would you need CV writing help while you can easily tell a prospective employer why he/she should hire you? There's no dispute about whether you can comfortably convince anyone that you are the guy they've been looking for. What we're worried about is how you say it.

Why would you need CV writing help while you can easily tell a prospective employer why he/she should hire you? There’s no dispute about whether you can comfortably convince anyone that you are the guy they’ve been looking for. What we’re worried about is how you say it.

Your CV is everything and if you get it even slightly wrong, it could blow away your chances of landing your dream job. You will rarely find such open opportunities to find work and so you need to make the best of it.If your writing skills are not so great, then maybe you might need a little CV writing help. Just a little help.

Ever heard of writers’ block? Well, if you haven’t, it’s that ‘thing’ that all writers dread because it sucks up all their energy and they suddenly can’t write anything. It makes a writer feel drained and frustrated and can’t even write to save their own lives. Well, this also happens to non-writers when they have to write, mostly caused by tension and anxiety. This could happen to you when you really need to put together a badass CV. You can’t afford to waste any time because you’re certainly not the only person interested in the job. Other applicants are ‘dolling up’ their CVs and if you’re not careful, you might just miss a life-time opportunity. Find CV writing help as fast as you can!

Sometimes you get so familiar with your own voice that the quality of your ideas start depreciating. It’s normal. It certainly is human and during such times, you need to hear an unfamiliar voice, a voice that is devoid of bias. Now, how does this relate to CV writing? You ask. You have been writing your own CV for far too long and it’s inevitable that you have possibly run out of brilliant ideas. With CVs, you always ought to find a way to stand out. Your CV needs to be different in a favorable way. That’s where CV writing help comes in. You might need a different person to write your CV. A new writer comes in with fresh and unique ideas, which could easily get you to your next employment.

At Contentbay, we are all about professional and dependable CV writing help. Our dynamic clientele attests to the fact that to us, every CV is treated like a baby. That’s with absolute care. Our mission is to ensure that we prepare a document that can undoubtedly get you an audience with the job market’s creme de la creme. We ensure to paint you in the best colors, the kind that make you indispensable as an employee. Try us today and you’ll be glad you did.

Write Your CV Like a Pro

How you write your CV therefore to a large extent determines your career success. That piece of paper means much more than you have ever imagined. It is the doorway to finding career opportunities in this competitive job market.

We can never over-highlight the value of a great CV in job hunting. Your CV should be good enough to open career doors for you, wherever you go.How you write your CV to a large extent determines your career success. That mere 2-page document can take you places you can only imagine right now. It is the doorway to finding career opportunities in this competitive job market.

So then, how do you write your CV to guarantee success in your job hunt? It is very simple; know the things that matter and maximise on them fully. Find out what employers are looking for in a candidate and find a way to convince them that you are the guy for the job. This to do is very easy.

There are three major components that determine how great a CV is:
Format: You must know what CV format is preferred in your city or country and use exactly that. However, you can also decide to write your CV differently, as long as your alternative format makes it look better. The structure of your CV affects the presentation of all the content. Some formats are not so good since sometimes important information ends up being sidelined. Whatever format you choose, let it be one that doesn’t interfere with content layout.

Speaking of content, this is the most important component of a CV and probably should have come first. The main purpose of writing your CV is to present yourself as an appropriate candidate for a job position. Every word should be carefully considered and written with this in mind. You will want to paint yourself in the best colors. You need to say exactly what the employer wants to hear. Be the solution to the recruiter’s problem. Provide all the necessary information and don’t leave out anything that could give you an edge over other job seekers.

Length:Trust me, the recruiters often prefer a brief and straight-to-the point CV as opposed to tens of pages. You too would get bored to death. As you write your CV, remember that they probably have thousands of CVs to look at, so don’t waste their time unnecessarily. It is possible to compact content into a manageable length, without having to trim off important information.

If you are having a difficult time following the above mentioned three rules, let us help you write your CV. We help people like you to make their career dreams come true.

How to Make Your Company Blog Irresistible

 A company blog is a sure way to reach out to the target market, most of whom use the internet on a daily basis. Your potential customers need  to find you on the internet. They need to find you saying the kind of things they need to hear.

Blogging is at the core of content marketing and every company should know better than to take it lightly. A company blog is a sure way to reach out to the target market, most of whom use the internet on a daily basis. Your potential customers need to find you on the internet. They need to find you saying the kind of things they need to hear.

Millions of people are on the internet every minute of the day, searching for answers. If your blog can provide relevant content for even just a fraction of this population, your sales are bound to increase. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to know how to do it right. Think for example, how got here, reading this article. It’s definitely because you typed something and your search engine landed you here. This is not a coincidence. It is a case of opportunity meeting preparation.

Your company blog should define you, the brand and the people behind the scenes. It should give the reader a glimpse of who they are dealing with. They should be able to know what you are all about. It should be easy for them to know what your mission and values are, which is one of the most daunting tasks.

You may have noticed by now that some blogs are all over the place. It becomes nearly impossible for one to figure out exactly what they specialise in, which is very detrimental for a company blog. Always stick to your specialty. If you offer electrical installation services, don’t be tempted to write about weight loss. It’s obvious that the two are totally unrelated and it wouldn’t make any sense for you to spam your company blog with such content.Be the expert in your field and readers will trust you.

Make your company blog as resourceful as you possibly can. See to it that your visitors will always find the right answers about everything related to your products or services. We all love superheros and if you can be one for your readers, you might just turn them into loyal customers.

Never use your blog to oversell your products or services. It is not only cheap but also irritating to the reader. Consumers know what they want and if you have it, they’ll come to you. You therefore do not need to stuff numerous calls to action in a single blog post. One is enough. Not one more.

Find good quality images for your blog. Some of the most appealing company blogs use appealing photographs, not cheesy stock images.
best tools to appeal to potential customers in the digital age. You cannot afford to overlook the importance of a resourceful and entertaining online presence, all which can be sufficiently catered for in a great company blog.
Find a professional blogger who can make all this a reality.

Writing Ebooks: Profitable Writing Made Easier

Writing ebooks has made it  a lot easier to pass your message across to your preferred audience, faster than you can ever imagine.

There are numerous passionate writers who had remained unsung heroes until the tide turned on the publishing industry. Traditional print books have had a long reign until writing ebooks became a norm. This has made life so much easier for writers and readers as well.

If you are planning to write a book, you might want to consider opting to publish an ebook instead. Change has come and this one, we can tell you confidently, is here to stay. Writing ebooks has made it a lot easier to pass your message across to your preferred audience and faster than you can ever imagine. You might have had to stress about time taken during shipping before but now it’s different. Your book will be just a click away from the reader. That is speed.

As a talented and passionate writer, you might have done your maths already and you know that publishing a print book will cost you an arm and a leg or more. With writing ebooks, that will not be a cause to worry. The cost of publishing an ebook is so friendly, you won’t believe it. On this side, you can forget about ink and print paper. Now, that’s a cost saving tactic.

An ebook enables you to reach a larger audience than you could with a traditional print book. Just imagine you, your book reaching overseas readers and more. Isn’t that a literary breakthrough? Well, if that isn’t, then your definition of success is uncommon. Writing ebooks is the definition of boundless reach in writing.

Ebooks are not just good news for you but for the reader too. Very few of us enjoy reading and if we find a way to make reading less cumbersome and more fun, we’d definitely love reading. Well, electronic books make the readers’ life much easier now. Readers can carry a library of books across continents without feeling an extra ounce of weight!
It gets better. One can adjust text font size and also follow external links on ebooks! Now that’s convenience.

That’s not all, ebooks definitely cost much less than print books and so you will make more sales. People will always opt for a product on which they can spend less for, as long as quality is not compromised.

One more ebook wonder; you will not need any physical storage for them. Your device memory capacity determines the volume of your library. The more the storage space, the larger your library.
There’s much more you can get from writing ebooks than contained in this article. An ebook provides a level playground for all writers, both amateurs and gurus. It is now up to you to make your ebook as outstanding as possible.


Need anything or have any questions?