Words that Don’t Exist Yet Used Too Often

Bad grammar spreads like a wild fire when there's nobody to stop it soon enough.

You’re probably guilty of these crimes against  the English language. There are several words which you use but they don’t even exist. You use them so often that you’ve made them to appear normal. Bad grammar spreads like a wild fire when there’s nobody to stop it soon enough.

You’ve probably heard some people mutilate English words but you just cringed and left them to their own devices. Unlike you, we won’t let this just slide anymore. People need to know the truth so they stop embarrassing themselves while trying to sound cool.

Are you guilty of any of these literary  atrocities?

Irregardless: First off, there’s no such word. Most people who use this ‘word’ assume it can be used in the place of “regardless.” Every time you use it, a grammar Nazi suffers a rage fit.

Grammer: It’s grammar, not grammer! If you can’t even spell grammar, what else would you probably know about good grammar?

Alot, alittle: Stop it already. People who write a lot  or a little as one word are simply  too lazy to hit the space bar. If you aren’t, don’t do it again.

Supposably: No. It’s supposedly. And no, it’s not  cool at all, not  even when you’re saying it among people who can’t speak English. Grammar Nazis will find out and you will be shamed.

I could care less: It’s actually supposed to be ” I couldn’t care less” which means that you don’t care at all. Not even a little. When you say “I could care less” you’re simply saying that you care, which is not what people mean to say when they use that phrase.

We have a bonus “bad word,” which is often misused and more often overused. Your guess is  correct! It’s none other than the word ” literally.” If I had a dollar for every time you wrongly used that word , I’d probably be one of the most moneyed grammar Nazis you’ll ever meet.

Share this article with that friend who is obsessed with all the wrong words. When you don’t want to suffer bad grammar embarrassments, hire a copywriter to write or at least proofread your copy before you let it go live.


Proven Guide to Successful Copywriting

This guide is created to help you understand the step by step process of arriving at successful copywriting.

Successful marketing very much depends on quality of copy, especially in content marketing. It is therefore true to state that business success comes via successful copywriting. Both the existing and potential customers need to be convinced that your brand is the best, which is the main purpose of copywriting.

Creating impressive copy is quite a daunting task, a major reason why we came up with this guide. It is created to help you understand the step by step process of arriving at successful copywriting.

Is your content convincing enough to make a positive difference in sales? Well, you will surely find out after going through our guide.
Know Your Product: You can only write about something you sufficiently understand. Take your time and get to know the brand. Find out everything that gives it an edge over the competition. You might need to tell the reader what they have been missing, which always works. This also gives you a chance to understand the brand’s unknown flaws, which you must work hard to conceal in the copy. Successful copywriting is that intricate and more.

Understand Your Audience: This is one of the most important steps towards successful copywriting. Here, you get to learn what interests your audience and what would therefore attract them to the brand. Knowing your audience helps you choose your words more accurately, which saves you a lot of time and energy which you would otherwise spend in trial and error.

Have a Clear Objective: Copywriters should always have a goal and objectives in mind. Doing so helps them focus and fine-tune copy to suit the intended purpose. Prepare a list of objectives to guide you.

Create an Irresistible Headline: Design a catchy and appealing headline that is bound to get the reader interested in the rest of the copy and ultimately, your brand.

Use the Magical Words of Successful Copywriting: There are numerous words which have been proved to appeal to human emotions. Use them to your advantage where necessary. These words are such as:Free, extraordinary, Plus!, Special, Bonus, Best, Free, Win, Extra, Guarantee and many more. Once used correctly, these words always work.

Be Clear and Concise: Your audience needs to understand you effortlessly, else you risk losing them before they have met the brand. Use words that appeal to your type of audience, while being careful not overdo anything.

Wear Your Creative Cap: Go out of your way to impress the audience without having to stay confined to the norms. It does not have to work as it did yesterday. You will be surprised that different works much better. Be brave and try something new every time you have to prepare new copy.


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