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How You Are Killing Your Brand on Social Media

Some social media behaviors could be pushing your fans away, thereby slowly killing your brand.

Social media has successfully orchestrated the success of some of the most successful businesses we know. However, it can equally be as successful in killing your brand if you are not careful.

From Twitter, Facebook, Google+, to LinkedIn and the rest, you must be cautious how you go about your normal business. You want your fans to stick with you and also contribute in promoting the brand .

If you are doing any of these things, you are strangling your brand and it won’t be long before you find yourself exactly where you began. At zero!


This one is really poisonous because it makes you appear as though you have no idea what you are up to. Inconsistency in content , especially by posting irrelevant content masks your brand so that nobody thinks about it anymore.

Social media should be promotional and anything else is definitely killing your brand.

Excessive  Self Promotion is Killing Your Brand Too

You got into social media to promote your brand. Fine. However, you must do so in the smartest of ways. You do not have to shove it into your fans’ throats every two hours that your brand is  the best thing that will ever happen to them. They probably know so and that is why they are following you anyway.

Too much self promotion is cheap.


So your fans ask a question and you take ages to respond or never do? Don’t ask again what is slowly killing your brand.

Respond to the haters too. Trust me, if you do it right, it will be for the good of your brand.

Typos and Grammatical Mistakes

This is one major turn off that is slowly sucking the strength out your brand. Your fans believe in your brand and so making embarrassing mistakes is out of the question.

A few more seconds spent on editing and proofreading can be very helpful.


You  were advised to post frequently. Fine. That is however no justification for you to clog your fans’ news feeds with your content. Too much of anything is too much. You must have noticed that your Facebook posts are reaching fewer people. Well, you should know that fans could be ‘hiding’ your posts because you have become a nuisance.

Stealing Content

Anytime you openly copy content from another page or website, you are telling your fans that your brand is not good enough. Hijacking hashtags is also part of content theft as far as social media management is concerned.

Develop  original content and hashtags and let others hijack it if they want to. You will be the cow and not the tick this time, which is much better.

Buying Fake Fans

You wanted a bigger crowd but what you don’t know is that they could be killing your brand. Fake fans are just that. Fake. They will never  comment or share your content. Work on attracting useful fans instead. The kind who will help reduce your cost of marketing, if you know what I mean.

Not Engaging Fans

Unless your fans are dummies, you know that they need to be engaged, talked to, listened to and entertained. Do just that if you want your brand to stand the tides of competition.




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