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Infographic Design: Qualities of a Great infographic

Infographic design

Just as the word suggests, an infographic is a combination of information and graphics. The two when used correctly, work to present data in a clear and easy to digest manner. Infographic design requires that one understands data so they are able to work with it efficiently and effectively.
What makes an Infographic stand out?

1. Relevance
Before getting into infographic design, one must know their target group, which helps to choose a suitable topic. You want your readers to share it widely and so you must develop something that interests them.

2. Research
One must read widely to find out what has been said about the topic of choice. Pick a unique topic that is likely to draw people’s attention to your site and ultimately promote your brand.

3. Reliable and Authoritative Sources
Readers like to question statistics and so you do not want to be caught lying to them. Data presented must therefore be sourced from ‘believable’ sources. You know them.
Such sources must be cited the infographic too.

4. Accuracy
All charts and graphs used must present data accurately if the information is to make sense. Proofread the infographic to confirm this.

5. Clarity
Great infographic design presents information in a neat and organized manner. Too much text congests infographics, making it difficult on the readers’ eyes. The rule of the thumb here is “Show, don’t tell”

6. Visual Stimulation
Every graphic designer should know how best to achieve this, since this is the bait which helps you capture a reader. If it is not good on the eyes, nobody will want to share it.
Invest in good quality images and color choice, which play a major role in enhancing eye appeal. Give it a unique touch that represents your brand, while being careful not to overdo it. In this case, less is more.

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