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How to Make Web Copy Too Enticing to Ignore

 Make web copy too enticing to ignore, so much that not even scanners can resist reading.Drip the honey!

Assembling text into compelling web copy isn’t the easiest job  but it sure is fun when you know what you’re doing.A copywriter’s best moment is seeing his/her copy go live and meet the purpose for which it was created.

Web copy ought to convince the reader to respond to your call to action. That’s how we define success in copywriting here. It is only plain text unless you make a sale or at least an inquiry. This should tell you just how great web copy ought to be before you can call it a success.

There are a few factors that make web copy too enticing to ignore, so much that not even scanners can resist reading.

Enticing Headings and Sub-headings: These two are what turns scanners into readers or otherwise. Always remember that the rest of the copy  being seen depends on the heading. Use conspicuous fonts and magic words to match.

Use Simple Words: Be as natural as possible. You need not use technical jargon to speak to ordinary people. Complicated vocabulary will only  push everybody away from your web content and consequently, your product.

Avoid Passive Voice: Passive voice is robotic and impersonal. Use active voice and warm your way into their wallets. Isn’t that what you want?

Appeal to Readers’ Emotions: Pull the emotion strings as much as you can. The most effective emotions to play with are fear, greed and lust. Pick whichever works for your product and work it!

Use Numbers: In other words, be specific. Use specific numbers when you need to portray how great your product is . The statement,’We have sold 1, 253, 078 units in the last 3 months and have 200,402 pending orders ,’ definitely sounds better than ‘Our sales are impressively high.’

Use the Magic Words of Copywriting: Like dripping honey, drop  words such as  you, free, affordable, cheap, guarantee, sale and more  which have been known to work for ages!

Address the Readers Fears, Doubts and  Questions: If you know your product well enough, you ought  to know what people think and say about it or others related to it. Explain your product and showcase it’s unique characteristics. Reassure your potential customers, and avoid downplaying their concerns. They’ll feel valued and taken seriously, which can only mean positive results for you.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Gaffes: Edit and proofread web copy thoroughly before publishing. Hire a copywriter if you have to. You do not want to lose an entire market to typos and grammatical errors.

If you value your business, you will not take web copy lightly. Web copy may be the only you your customers will ever meet. Make it worth their time.

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