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7 in 10 CVs end up in the dust bin without being read. Having a good CV means that you will set yourself apart from the rest. At ContentBay we are CV experts and our services can make a real difference in your job hunting success.

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Very few people can write a striking CV and having one will give you the much needed competitive edge. Most employers are burdened with unpleasant CVs and can easily tell the good ones from the bad. Prove to your employer that you deserve the job with a professional CV.

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Getting a professional CV is a wise investment as it will help you secure the job that you want and in return pay for itself thousands of times over. Remember, cheap is expensive and a CV writing service that initially seems like a bargain might frustrate your bid for that job that you desire.




Over 527 years of cumulative experience

ContentBay CVs has a wealth of experience in writing professional CVs for all sectors and career levels. Our writers are selected from the best in the market and are continuously tested to make sure that we offer superior services that can’t be found anywhere else.

Caters to all job types

Few CV writing services can accurately cater to the needs of all professionals from entry level to senior level. We possess advanced and specialist knowledge that will enable you to transform your CV and take your career to your desired levels.

Speak directly to your writer

Consult directly with your writer either through phone or via email. We know that at times you would like to oversee the CV writing process so that it is done just the way you like. Our experts are friendly, accommodating and above all very professional.

Has a real 100% guarantee

We are so confident in our service that we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the CV that we provide, we will redo it as many times as you wish until you are completely happy with it. We value our reputation and promise to put a smile on your face.

Unmatched specialist knowledge

Our understanding of the job market is incomparable to any other service and what sets us apart is that we are the only service that under promises yet over delivers. Because we are the best when it comes to CVs we let the good results speak for themselves.

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Gilbert R,

“I was distraught by the CV that I received from a company I had found online. A close friend recommended ContentBay who sent me a flawless CV just in time for my job deadline.”

Fiona C,

“Quick, professional and Excellent service. You can tell that they took the time to write and layout the CV. This was in excess of my initial expectations and I couldn’t have asked for more. ”

Bukhari O,

“I sent my CV to a Furniture Company and went to visit my cousin who lives close by. When I returned 2 hours later, I found a message from the Company calling me for an interview”

Rose K,

“Three days after uploading my new CV to the employer’s website, I was called for an interview. I never imagined that the ContentBay CV could make a real difference in my job hunting success!”

Chen L,

“Very timely and professional approach with the ability to create a CV that stands out. I am very impressed. I look forward to see how the job market reaction to the CV shall be.”

Frederick W,

“I applied for 3 jobs and was called for 3 interviews. With all three companies showing interest in my application this was an extraordinary 100% success rate. That should say it all.”

    Complete Employment services

    Contact us to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our full employment services which include:
    Cover Letters,
    LinkedIn profile creation,
    Job Board Submission (e.g Reed, Total Jobs)
    Interview Coaching


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    Avoid the common CV writing pitfalls.
    Be proud and confident when handing in to potential employers.
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    CVs that stand out for all career sectors

    42pxmanager Management and Administration
    42pxnurse Health and Social Care
    42pxaccontancy Finance and Accountancy
    42pxcustomer service Sales and Customer Service
    53px ict Information and Communication Technology
    42pxengieer Engineering and Construction
    42pxeducation Education and Child Care
    lawyer42px Law and Politics
    42pxcatering Hospitality and Catering
    millitary Military and Security Services




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