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Common Article Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Article writing mistakes discredit your writing skills and make you look clueless. They can cost you your writing career.

Most people think article writing is easy until they are coldly disapproved by their readers, owing to countless mistakes in their work. That is what happens when you think you know something while the opposite is actually the case.
Your journey to successful article writing might be marked with dumb mistakes which often result in frustration.
You need to know how to avoid these pitfalls as much as possible.You can only avoid something if you are aware of its existence, and therefore this list should put you in the know.

Have you ever read an article and at the end you wonder what it was all about? That is how vague feels. You feel cheated and angry. An article’s message must be clear and precise, not so ambiguous that your reader has to make guesses at what you were attempting to say.
How do you avoid this? It’s simple. Understand the subject before typing anything.

This one has to come second since it is almost impossible to separate it from the first. When you do not comprehend the subject, you are less likely to write coherently and more-so consistently.
The trick used to avoid vagueness will suffice in this case too.

Successful article writing is to a large extent dependent on originality and uniqueness. There is therefore no place for plagiarism in this field. For an article to serve it’s purpose effectively, it has to stand out.
All ideas, images, videos or words that do not belong to you cannot be used without the consent of the rightful owner. Simply acknowledge and cite sources of such information.

4.Typos and Spelling Mistakes
These two usually happen as a result of lack of or insufficient editing. Typos are very embarrassing and will discredit your writing skills, no matter who you are. Spelling mistakes are worse because they successfully make you appear clueless about the subject you are discussing.
Keen editing and proofreading will keep your article typo-free. Look up the correct spelling of unfamiliar words before hitting on the keyboard.

5.Grammatical Errors
This is one killer of many article writing careers. Grammar is key to success in article writing and there is no short cut.
Study correct usage of tenses, punctuation marks and sentence structure, among other components of grammar. Grammatical errors are unforgivable.

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