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Contentbay has earned an irrefutable reputation as a dependable UK website design hub. We can bet you that this is where your favorite website was created.

Building valuable websites is what we do best. We have adopted excellence as a culture and this is why our clients trust us with their dreams. Contentbay has earned an irrefutable reputation as a dependable  UK website design hub. We can bet you that this is where your favorite website was created.

Over the years, small to medium businesses have known us as the go-to place for website design solutions. Our work speaks for itself and stands out among UK website design experts.

Our designers understand customer needs and so they’ll move mountains just to ensure your website meets or even exceeds your expectations. We pick our designers from the creme de la creme of the UK website design industry and overseas. None of us wants to take any chances with your website. Every design project we undertake is treated with utmost care and professionalism to ensure top notch results.

Our team also comprises of professional copywriters  so you get to kill two birds with one stone. With this combination, you can rest assured of seamless quality from the design to website copy, a factor that makes our websites traffic magnets. That’s what you get when you engage the best UK website design gurus. Pure perfection.

A website’s success begins at the design stage. Once you get it right here, the rest of the journey will be hassle-free and so you’ll have less problems to worry about. At Contentbay, we understand this too well. Unlike some unscrupulous UK website design wannabes, we’ve got all it takes to take  you  and your business to the top.

Our rates are highly competitive, which makes us a favourite in the UK  and beyond. We will work hand in hand with you to see to it that your dream website  is a possibility.Whatever your needs are, rest assured that we will meet them. We never shy away from a challenge. Try us now , the face of professional UK website design services. There’s only one way to find out what we’re capable of. Contact us now.

Annoying Things Clients Tell Web Designers

A web designer often has to suppress the urge to punch their own computer. Why so? Annoying things that clients say.

Being a web designer is be viewed by ‘outsiders’ as one of the best jobs ever and it sure is a great job. It’s one of the few careers that make one feel like a small god since ‘normal’ people believe you need super powers to do what we do. What people don’t realise is that it can get really difficult when you are dealing with difficult clients.

Clients often say things that could easily make one set fire to their own computers. It gets worse when you know you’ve had many other clients make the same statements and you can only cringe and possibly clench your fists in utter disgust. Well, thank heaven we understand their point of view and so we exercise as much patience as we can master.

Here are the worst things every web designer has heard:

I’m Working on a Really Tight Budget. Please Give Me the Least Expensive Package.
This is cliche already since each client starts a conversation with this cringe-worthy statement. It gets worse when the same client still expects to compete with other badass websites. Most web designers will let such a client try elsewhere, especially when they’ve got other projects in queue. Only a really ‘hungry’ web designer can deal with such a client.

Make it Exactly Like XYZ’s Website but Different.
Seriously? Exactly the same but different? Only the client really understands this kind of language and they expect you to deliver just that. A professional web designer will never stoop so low as to copy and paste another’s work. Come on, we too have some pride and we like to see our ingenuity displayed in a topnotch website. Furthermore, it’s not as easy as you make it sound. You can’t just copy and paste code!

I Don’t Know What I Want
This immediately throws a web designer off balance since they have to do all the thinking for you, which only makes their work more difficult. It’s also very difficult to please someone who has no idea what he/she wants. Come to the table with a clue about what you want. You can’t not know what you want with your own website!

I Love it But Can You Make Some Minor Changes
When a client says this, they mean you’re about to do almost double the work allover again, at the same cost. Not even an extra dime . Every web designer has heard this and believe me, it’s one of the most dreaded statements to hear.

This is not all. There’s a lot more that web designers have to put up with coming from the clients. These are just the major annoying things clients say.
Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

10 Smart Tricks to Grow Website Traffic

Growing website traffic is no mean fete and so you have to be patient and willing to try out various options without giving up when one fails.

Many business owners are yet to reap big from their websites and this often brings-in frustration which is bad for business too. Low website traffic gets more discouraging when you have no idea what you’re doing wrong. The much hyped benefits of having a company website stops making sense and you are tempted to think that it’s just a fallacy.

It’s quite easy to draw the right kind of traffic to your website and consequently grow your business. A great website, once properly utilised can get you more customers than you have ever imagined. You only need to know how to make it work for you by growing your reach.

Headlines are Magical. A great headline,like a starter should whet your appetite and make you want more. Use catchy headlines to intrigue your site visitors to spend more time on your website. There’s a significant possibility that they will buy…or come back later.

Use Top-notch Content. Content is key to growing website traffic. Write clean content, the type that makes your brand the best option for your target market. Convince the consumer that you are the go-to guy, that you have the solution to their problems and that you care. Needless to say, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typos will obviously stand in the way of your progress.

Improve User Experience on Your Website. Website visitors always have an option, perhaps even better alternatives before they land on your site. One major impediment to growing website traffic is site accessibility and speed. Consider various gadgets when building your website and ensure your visitors can access your site from any type of smart phone or computer. If you don’t, they’ll be forced to go for the next best option and remember they go away with possible sales.

Spruce up Your Blog. Treat your audience to what they want to read every day. Do your research and find out their browsing culture and give them everything they need. Provide solutions to their problems and give explanations for mysteries that keep them awake at night,which of course has to be related to what you deal in. Find a way to link up to previous posts when putting together a post. This endears you to search engines and ultimately swells the website traffic.

Optimise Site for Search Engines. Use long tail key words to attract the right traffic to your site. Install SEO plugins such as SEO by Yoast to optimise your site for search engines.

Share on Social Media. Create Fan pages and company profiles on the various social media platforms where you can share your website content and attract interested people. Engage your audience in relevant conversations and keep tabs on trending topics. One thing about increasing website traffic is that you have to try every trick and see which one works best. So yes, be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbrl, Google+ etc.

Invest in Quality Photos and Graphics. Your website traffic has everything to do with the site’s eyeball appeal. Photographs and graphics determine how attractive your site is and how much time a visitor spends on the site. Make your website homely.

Make Interesting YouTube Videos. You need to employ all possible options when trying to increase website traffic and Youtube can bring many happy returns. Make Youtube work for your business and remember to drop your site’s URL in the description.

Advertise. Spare no expenses. You’ll reap big if you do it right.

Guest Blogging. Get influential bloggers to blog on your site and their following will trickle down to your brand.

Growing website traffic is no mean fete and so you have to be patient and willing to try out various options without giving up when one fails.

Online Customer Service Tips

Working at online customer service is the most nerve-wracking jobs ever, something that only experienced people understand. You wake up every day and look forward to having to deal with all types of people, most of whom are really annoying.

One of the most difficult jobs under the sun is not coal mining,neither is it engineering nor astronomy. Working at online customer service is the most nerve-wracking jobs ever, something that only experienced people understand. You wake up every day and look forward to having to deal with all types of people, most of whom can be really annoying. Some times you have to put up with a lot of cursing, complaining and outright insults on behalf of the brand. Well, who said it would be easy?

When it comes to customer support, you have no option but to answer all questions and give required explanations without fail. Why else did you set up an online customer service department? Great service will always warm the hearts of your customers, which will ultimately translate into sales. This is how to do it right.

Create an FAQ Page on the Website
You do not need to answer the same questions daily while you can make your work easier. Prepare a page on your website in which you answer all frequently asked questions. Customers will not have to wait in queue for your response, especially when so many of them have similar questions. This also makes your work easier and affords you time to take care of other issues concerning the business.

Respond Promptly
Nobody likes to be kept in waiting, including you. Understand that your customers have just as limited time as you do and so answer their questions as soon as possible. Fast response presents you as a reliable person and your customers will keep coming back for more.

Be Alive on Social Media
Majority of online customer service happens via social media. Customers expect to be heard and helped on your various social media platforms. Engage them and offer quick, helpful responses to their questions, complaints and concerns.

Install a Live Chat Button on Website

The live chat button has sometimes been underrated by conservative business people who think it is too much of a hassle to manage. Well, you will never know the value of live chat in online customer service until you try it. The live chat button brings life to your website, something that all types of customers love. It is actually one of the easiest tools you can use to close sales on the website.

Use Automated Conversation Starters on Live Chat

A live chat needs to be inviting. Compose a friendly yet professional greeting message for the web visitor as a way to begin the conversation. A good message should make the customer feel wanted and also intimates that you have the ability and will to assist them.

Be Nice
Online customer service is the less strenuous form of customer service because you are not in physical contact with the customer. An angry customer will not have the opportunity to throw a brick at you, lucky you. Try as much as possible to be nice, even to the brick-throwing and frequently cursing customers.Always remember that you represent the brand and your job is to make customers happy. On more thing; always let them win, even when they’re utterly wrong.

Be Helpful
Never say ‘I don’t know’ even when you are clueless. Be smart in choice of words and you will always leave a smile on even disgruntled customers. Remember that they come to online customer service because they expect prompt and helpful assistance. Refer them to other departments when you think they can get more helpful assistance. Whatever you do, always be helpful.

There’s more to online customer service than the above mentioned tips. Share your customer support experience with us in the comment section.

UK Design Services for Business Success

Quality  and professional UK design services  ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business. Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

Doing business in an environment as dynamic as the United Kingdom is proving too difficult for some entrepreneurs. Most of these people blame their woes on digital marketing, which is rather ironical since it is considered the miracle of the 21st century in the business world. A significant number of business owners insist on sticking with the ‘old folks’ advertising methods but it definitely isn’t going to work. So, where do UK design services come in?

You need to appreciate the fact that you are doing business in the digital era. Failure to adjust to the current trends will only mean that you lag behind. Ultimately, your sales will do the talking, which will convince you otherwise.

One can confidently say that in this era, visualisation or design is everything. Potential customers need to see and believe, which has a major role in convincing them to buy your product or service. It is for this reason that experts offer various UK design services for business success.Let’s talk about the logo, websites and banners for now.

Your company’s logo is only a compressed image of the entire business and only an expert can design one that portrays the best picture.The most successful brands have kick ass logos to match. Consider Apple, FedEx, Volvo and BMW. Isn’t there something that totally ticks about their logos? That is what expertise in design does. It gives your business an identity, an unforgettable face.
Engaging an expert for design work is good for your business. It ensures that you get the best from the best.

Every business should have a formidable online presence. Consumers are looking for products and services online, unlike the walk-in culture of the past. If your company cannot be found online, then you are courting business failure. Creating a website is the first and major step towards creating an online presence. If you are privileged to find expert UK design services, you will have a wonder-website that will turn every click into gold. A qualified and sufficiently experienced web designer should know what’s hot and what’s not as far as website design is concerned. Your website can be your cash cow, magic that only a great designer can perform.

Considering placing banners on your website to enhance the visibility of your brand? Well, a designer comes in handy. Find one who understands your brand and so can professionally choose the perfect type of banner for your business. Banners are so sensitive that if you have the wrong design,color, size or text, it will literally repel visitors. This , among others is a good-enough reason for you to engage expert UK design services.

Design is a major contributor to high ROI in every marketing strategy. Quality and professional UK design services therefore ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business.
Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

12 Most Common Web Design Errors To Look Out For

There are many web design errors but these are the most common, some which have ruined major lucrative projects. Every designer has to be very keen during each step of web design. Any wrong move can cost you a career  in this enviable field.

Web designers know what it takes to create a great website and watch it mint money for us or a client. It gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction to see our efforts come to fruition. However, web design errors love to rain on our parade and this is always a major turn off to website visitors.

It is definitely bad for business, not only for web designers but the clients too. There are many web design errors but these are the most common, some which have ruined major lucrative projects. Every designer has to be very keen during each step of web design. Any wrong move can cost you a career in this enviable field.

Your website defines you and so it must be solid and consistent. Too many colors and fonts may come off as instability and nobody fancies that, especially in business relationships. Two colors, when properly blended will work perfectly. Fonts need not be more than three, else your website visitors will easily be put off.

Too Many Pages
You need not have numerous pages if all your information can easily fit in one scroll down page.Your web visitors have limited time and so they will not be willing to ‘probe’ your website further for important information.

Slow Load Time
Nothing irritates me more than a website that loads at snail speed and I bet other web visitors have a similar opinion.Test your website as many times as you can and ensure that the loading speed is okay. Get rid of unnecessary pomp that may be slowing your loading speed.

Visible Raw Edges
This is mostly seen in logos and icons. Raw or jagged edges display an obvious lack of attention to detail, which reduces consumer confidence in the brand you are presenting.

Broken Links
You have occasionally clicked on some links and they do nothing. Well, website visitors will also do nothing when you expect them to read, buy or share something on your site. Be keen while testing the website. Such seemingly small details can cause irreversible damage to your business.

Missing Important Links
This is far worse than dead links. Some websites have no ‘contact’ links and this may be a major reason why their businesses are failing. Another will have no ‘terms and conditions’ link which creates more problems later during transactions. Web design gurus should always be careful not to omit such important details.

Too Much Text
Your web visitors are not there to read a stack of unsightly text, unless that’s the purpose of the website. If it isn’t, text usage should be minimal but clear and content straight to the point.

Typos and Spelling Mistakes
Website visitors will never forget the mistakes you make, one more reason why you must thoroughly proofread content before going live. Always get a second opinion from a knowledgeable person. They may spot mistakes that you are blind to.

Poor Navigation
Ease of access is very important for any website. Website users need to be able to seamlessly go from one page to another . Put a link to the home page on every page so that users do not have to struggle too much. Remember, the user always has his/her options open. Don’t allow them to choose your competitor over you.

Opening a Link in New Window.
If they didn’t tell you during your web design classes, I’m telling you now. It is wrong to force a website user to open a new window on their own browser. Let the user stay in control. If your brand is good enough, they will heed to the call to action. Do not force yourself on them. It is a desperate move.

Any form of audio, even jingle bells,are simply annoying. Period.

Poor Quality Photographs
Every photograph you use should rhyme with the brand, whether a product or service. Color and size also make a big difference. Choose the best, while keeping in mind the purpose of the website and the emotions you wish to evoke in the user.

There are more mistakes people make in web design. Add yours in the comment section. We’ll be glad to have your input.

Website Design Services: Get Best Value for Money

website design services

Your website is the door to your business for online customers, who make a significant fraction of all your customers. You therefore need the best website design services you can find, usually a daunting task.

It is very important to determine what you need. Every website is unique and so their needs will vary. Find out exactly what you want your website to appear but concentrate more on what your customers need and want to see. The ‘want’ part is very crucial. You do not want to create a website that repels potential customers.

Do your research far and wide and find out all you need to know about website design services. Find out the minimum and maximum cost for a website. Get quotations from different web designers and find out what each of them has to offer. This way, you will have a rich variety of sources of website design services.
More research will enable you to choose the best of them. Find out whom they have worked for before and the customer experience they give. Both good and bad news travel really fast on the internet.

Communication is vital in finding the best website design services. Once you have found a good developer, you need to be crystal clear about what you need. Email them the finest details about your dream website to avoid ugly surprises.
Skype is currently the most effective means of communication between web developers and their clients. Find out what works best in your location and establish effective communication.

Get and send timely feedback to save on time. Remember, your competition is still in business while you are creating your website. Needless to say, time is of the essence here.

Test the website a zillion times if necessary before making the final payment. Bugs have a way of creeping up on you, long after you have cut ties with the developer. This means you will have to spend more on website design services and you will most definitely be counting your losses.

Check against a list of your initial requirements and if anything is missing, send it back for refinement. You do not want to know what a different font or a simple comma can do to a website. It is better that you never get to discover out of first-hand experience.

Website Design: Creating a Successful Website

website design

The secrets of successful website design are best known to web developers. Clients also need to know what to ask for when engaging the services of IT gurus. Information is power, and this is exactly what you need when planning to create a website. Your website should be good enough to convince clients to click buy or call to ask that you deliver the item or service. Isn’t this what all business people expect from their online presence?

Here are the main aspects of your website that determine it’s success :

Ease of Access

How long does it take for the main page to load? A painfully long time? This is how prospective clients are lost. Nobody has too much time to wait for your ‘lazy’ website to load while they can click away into a faster one.
Invest in quality website design and look out for mistakes that make websites slow.


Website background affects the visibility of the contents of the website, especially text. Choose a background that is not too busy, lest you divert readers attention away from important information.


Choose a color that suits the kind of effect you want on your visitors. Find out the exact moods that various colors arouse in readers. You need to get this one right, otherwise you will lose out on revenue.


Nothing can replace quality content in website design. Choose your words meticulously, paying keen attention to their relevance. You must outline all necessary information in a coherent and organized manner. Web content must be appealing and intriguing enough to result in a buy.
Content also includes contact information to allow efficient communication with your clients. Provide active telephone numbers, email and include social media buttons.

A Great Website design is Easy to Update

With a great website design, you do not need to redesign when you need to add new content or information. This is the ultimate challenge that your developer must overcome. You cannot afford to splurge more cash on redoing your website while the first already cost you so much.


Need anything or have any questions?