Writing Technical Papers: Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Technical writing

Technical writing is all about relaying information  in a clear and effective way. While creating a technical paper, a writer always has to be cautious to ensure the purpose of the paper is achieved, thereby   satisfying the reader.  There are many pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid if you need your  paper taken seriously. These mistakes, some of which are sometimes taken lightly, can easily ruin years of hard work invested  in the success of a product or service.

Here’s what to look out for:

Failing to Plan: This is where most problems with technical papers begin. When you fail to plan, anything you write is satisfactory to you but fails to meet the needs of the reader. Planning enables you to come up with a concrete goal and provides a road map towards reaching your goal. Your plan will ensure fluidity in the technical paper, which  makes work easier for the reader too.

Vagueness: The primary essence of writing a technical paper is to provide clarity and when this attribute is missing, then it fails to meet it’s purpose.  Lack of clarity only makes it difficult for the reader to understand the content, which renders the document useless. Use of technical jargon and colloquial words only serves to make your paper more disastrous. Always ensure to deliver information in the simplest and most direct way possible.

Grammatical Errors: A technical paper should be taken seriously, by both the writer and the reader. Grammatical mistakes make this very difficult. Editing and proofreading make it easier to point out such mistakes long before the reader’s eyes are devouring the paper.

Spelling Mistakes and Typos: This is one of the most embarrassing mistakes in technical writing.

Bulky Paragraphs: The reader does not want to spend their entire life reading your technical paper. Only make it reasonably long but still not too short.

Technical writing should be a relatively simple but these mistakes make it look like rocket science. Avoid these mistakes and achieve the goal of every technical paper you write.

How to Choose a Professional Technical Writer

There are numerous benefits your business stands to gain from engaging a professional technical writer. With the right person, you can easily achieve your dreams in business and become the envy of your rivals.

There are numerous benefits your business stands to gain from engaging a professional technical writer. With the right person, you can easily achieve your dreams in business and become the envy of your rivals. However, like any other good thing, a great technical writer isn’t easy to find, especially in a field where there are too many newbies who don’t really understand technical writing.

You need to be able to tell the chaff from the wheat and end up with a competent and professional technical writer. Well, choosing is quite a daunting task.Here are a few tips to help you make the right pick:

Determine what you need: You must know exactly what you want, be it a report, a user manual etc. This way, you will also be able to identify what kind of writer you need for your project. Assess the situation and if you are not sure, consult a professional to hep you determine what you need.This is also the time to come up with a budget since money is an important factor. Also fix a tenable time frame within which the project needs to be completed.

Search for Writers: Your needs will definitely determine where to look. There are many professional technical writers on the internet, just a click away. Some have physical locations within your city, which should make your work easier. You will also find online forums for professional technical writers, where you are likely to find the ‘big fish’ in the industry. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to pick one. Get several of them and subject them to a test. ( They don’t have to know that you’re testing them, which makes it a reliable shortlisting tool)

Choose your favorite: Well, this has to be the trickiest part of the whole process, given that it’s easy to get deceived. Some writers are quite cunning and will do just about anything to land a major project only to later disappoint you. Ask for a sample of their work before disclosing the details of the project. The quality of the sample will determine which one of them is the real deal.Once you have your choice professional technical writer, lay bare the project and discuss it extensively, including your rates.
Listen to the writer’s ideas and allow him/her to bring their skills and abilities to the light. Remember all this can either happen online or physically with ease. It is also wise to sign a contract to guide and legally protect you both.

Your choice of a professional technical writer determines the quality of content you get. Choose wisely.

Technical Writing in Business

Technical writing in business is crucial if you are to convey important information to staff or customers.Seek the services of a professional, one who has the necessary qualifications and rich experience to deliver great copy. Your business needs a technical writer. Get one now.

Writing is one of the most effective means of communication, especially in business. You need the intended audience to understand your message and act accordingly. Technical writing in business is as important as any other detail, just as important as the brand.

Words will always make your journey to business success less bumpier if you know how to use them correctly. Your customers need to understand your brand without having to re-read content. That is why it is very crucial that you do not underestimate the value of technical writing.

Quality technical writing enhances better customer experience. Your clients need not bother your staff in order to understand content you produce. Excellently written user manuals enable a customer to use a product efficiently and safely. You will rarely get complaints from such customers unless the product itself is actually faulty.

Top notch technical writing also makes training manuals more user-friendly. A great technical writer knows that learning aids must always be as simplified as possible to suit all types of learners. This would mean great business for you. People will be drawn to your product or services when they don’t have to need help to understand information.

There’s no substitute for great technical writing in business. You need to get it right always, else you risk incurring losses. Have you ever had trouble with an appliance only to discover that it has no repair manual? It gets worse when you find an excuse of a repair manual that is horribly written and doesn’t make sense at all. That’s one of the worst mistakes a manufacturer can ever make. Negative customer-customer advertising takes effect in such cases and the results are devastating for your business. Why not hire a competent technical writer and save yourself the trouble.

Staff and customers need to understand company policy seamlessly. The best way to ensure this is by providing a well-written company policy guide or terms and conditions for customers. Again, excellent technical writing skills are necessary to ensure that your message gets home.

Still not convinced why you need professional technical writing in business? Well, there’s more. How will you prepare bids and tenders for your company without a genius technical writer? These are some of the most sensitive documents in the world of business and you have to produce copies that match or elevate the status of your business.

Technical writing in business is crucial if you are to convey important information to staff or customers.Seek the services of a professional, one who has the necessary qualifications and rich experience to deliver great copy. Your business needs a technical writer. Get one now.

Writing Services: How Much Should You Spend?

Writing Services: How Much Should You Spend?

We often need writing services for various reasons, either for business or personal needs. Sometimes it’s because our writing skills are not too good or because we have too little or no time to write. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you are not getting a raw deal.
You should always see to it that you get value for your money.

Article writers, CV writers, copywriters, technical writers and Ebook ghost writers will easily rip you off if you have no idea about current market prices for writing services. That’s why it is important to study the market before making any payment. This will cushion you from splurging too much money on the service.

Pick the best man for the job and you will only spend reasonably. It is very important that you not only look at the rates but the quality of writing services the person or agency provides. At this point, you need to ask for a free sample. Many UK writing agencies willingly provide samples for their clients. If they cannot provide a sample, well, that’s one hell of a red sign. Run and don’t look back.
Remember that you are out looking for the best and most professional writer you can find.

If you are engaging writing services for the first time, you might need to consult more experienced people. Some business people have been running their brands’ blogs on freelance blogger-sourced articles. They know the rates best plus they will easily lead you to a reliable service provider.

Be ready to take risks. A certain agency might have the most insane rates but you later discover that their writing services are top notch. You must have heard that cheap is expensive and that is often the case in the writing industry. Consider the value of your business or career before embracing cheap labor. When the deal is too good,do not even think about it. When you want a great CV or articles, do not gamble with quality. You might never get a second chance to make an impression.

How much you spend on writing services is not as important as the value you get in return.The services you receive should always be worth every penny that you spend. Spend wisely.

Technical Writing: How to Hone Your Skills

Technical writing

Copywriters always find their job exciting until they are presented with a technical writing project. It is considered a rather boring type of writing since there are too many rules to follow. Nobody likes to be restrained, something that technical writing is well known for.
With a specific format and rigid language to adhere to, one can only have so much fun on this side.

Somebody has got to do this and so we have a list of tricks to help you hone your writing skills for a better experience in technical writing.

Every good writer, whether fashion blogger, book author or technical writer has to make time to read. Reading enables you to stay abreast with emerging trends in technical writing. It also presents you with an opportunity to compare your work to other people’s. This way you get to examine your abilities.

There is no end to learning. Every day you’ve got to keep improving yourself because your competition does not sleep. As a technical writer, you must know that clients will always pick the best in the pack. Are you the best today? Will you still be good enough tommorow? Such are the questions you should always ask yourself.
Familiarize yourself with various relevant technical writing tools such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc. The tools will vary depending with your specialization.

When opportunities present themselves, use them to practise and get closer to perfect. There’s no harm in volunteering your skills once in a while if it’s the only way you get to practise.

Find Technical Writing Jobs
There are  as many technical writing jobs as there are consumer products and services. Apply for as many as you can find. Most clients prefer to have their writers confined in an office setting, so do not be too choosy. We know you prefer to work from home :)

When you have proper technical writing skills, you might never need to hire the services of a professional technical writer for your product.

The ABCs of Technical Writing

Technical writing

Of all types of writing, technical writing is the most misunderstood. When this form of writing is not done correctly, one rarely achieves the goal of the document.

First off, what is technical writing? This is a form of written communication with a specific purpose and audience. It is   aimed at conveying facts, explaining procedures and evaluating evidence. The various types of technical materials are handbooks, academic and company reports, business proposals and brochures.

Technical writing is characterized by the following major qualities:


A technical paper is written for a specific purpose, aimed at an equally specific audience. Every bit of such a material is therefore tailored to these specifics. This is what leads the writer throughout the writing process, which ensures they stay on-course.


The writer must use facts and avoid opinionated content in technical writing. This then implies that all data featured in technical material must be drawn  from credible and authoritative sources. One must also be careful with numbers and statistics. They must be factual and accurate because some technical reports influence critical decision making among high ranking company officials and heads of departments.


Terms applied in any form of technical writing must be familiar to the targeted readers. If an unfamiliar term is used for the first time, it must be explained. Use of graphs, figures and tables help in enhancing clarity .


Always avoid complex language where possible to avoid losing readers. Too much jargon clouds the core message .


Every form of technical writing has a specific format which should be adhered to strictly. Correct format enhances flow of thoughts for the writer and the reader as well.


Always remember that for technical writing, less is more. Saying too much can easily compromise on the clarity of the document.


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