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If you are looking for logo design services from experts with all the necessary expertise to make your brand shine, look no further.

Why does a brand need a logo? The answer is quite simple; a logo is the brand and the brand is the logo. Every smart business man knows that it is paramount for a brand to have a face that people can use to identify it. They seek professional logo design services. At Contentbay, we understand the need for your business to stand out and pose competitive challenge to your rivals.

For this reason, we engage with you to ensure that we give you the best in the industry. Our designers are drawn from the best in terms of qualification and creativity. With them, you can rest assured that you’ll have a badass logo at the end of the transaction.

Speaking of transactions, have you looked at our rates? Well, you better do if you haven’t. You will notice that our charges are not only affordable but also reasonable. We strive to give you value for every single cent you spend on our logo design services. This, coupled with our excellent customer service makes us a favorite for all business-minded individuals who need great logos.

If you are looking for logo design services from experts with all the necessary expertise to make your brand shine, look no further. This is where creativity and competence meet to produce outstanding logos

We have made it very unbelievably easy for you to reach us to order or make inquiries. You can order directly from our website or write to us via logo@contentbay.co.uk . Our communication lines are open on a 24 hour basis to ensure your logo design needs are catered to. Talk to us now and get first hand proof

Let us partner with you to work towards your brand’s success. We will hold your hand in the journey towards business success by providing you with unmatched logo design services. That is our forte.

UK Design Services for Business Success

Quality  and professional UK design services  ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business. Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

Doing business in an environment as dynamic as the United Kingdom is proving too difficult for some entrepreneurs. Most of these people blame their woes on digital marketing, which is rather ironical since it is considered the miracle of the 21st century in the business world. A significant number of business owners insist on sticking with the ‘old folks’ advertising methods but it definitely isn’t going to work. So, where do UK design services come in?

You need to appreciate the fact that you are doing business in the digital era. Failure to adjust to the current trends will only mean that you lag behind. Ultimately, your sales will do the talking, which will convince you otherwise.

One can confidently say that in this era, visualisation or design is everything. Potential customers need to see and believe, which has a major role in convincing them to buy your product or service. It is for this reason that experts offer various UK design services for business success.Let’s talk about the logo, websites and banners for now.

Your company’s logo is only a compressed image of the entire business and only an expert can design one that portrays the best picture.The most successful brands have kick ass logos to match. Consider Apple, FedEx, Volvo and BMW. Isn’t there something that totally ticks about their logos? That is what expertise in design does. It gives your business an identity, an unforgettable face.
Engaging an expert for design work is good for your business. It ensures that you get the best from the best.

Every business should have a formidable online presence. Consumers are looking for products and services online, unlike the walk-in culture of the past. If your company cannot be found online, then you are courting business failure. Creating a website is the first and major step towards creating an online presence. If you are privileged to find expert UK design services, you will have a wonder-website that will turn every click into gold. A qualified and sufficiently experienced web designer should know what’s hot and what’s not as far as website design is concerned. Your website can be your cash cow, magic that only a great designer can perform.

Considering placing banners on your website to enhance the visibility of your brand? Well, a designer comes in handy. Find one who understands your brand and so can professionally choose the perfect type of banner for your business. Banners are so sensitive that if you have the wrong design,color, size or text, it will literally repel visitors. This , among others is a good-enough reason for you to engage expert UK design services.

Design is a major contributor to high ROI in every marketing strategy. Quality and professional UK design services therefore ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business.
Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

Logo Design Services: The 7-Step Process

Find the best logo design services

A logo is the face of a brand, the perfect representation of a product or service, anywhere, anytime. When you are out seeking logo design services, you want and hope to land on the best designer, one that will deliver a memorable logo.

Your logo of choice will by large scale affect your brand’s popularity and ultimately, sales. You therefore must take all the time you need  to find the best designer and have them deliver the best for your business.


The best people in every field are well known, and it is no different with logo design experts. They are best known by their former or current clients who will willingly narrate their experience with the person in question. Find out also how much it will cost you. Ensure to compare costs from various designers while paying special attention to the quality of services each of them offers. Remember, cheap is expensive and all glitter is not a sign of a gold mine ahead.


Once you have found your ideal logo designer, it is time to tell them exactly what you want. The nitty gritties  really matter in this case.  Introduce your brand  as well competitors to the designer and discuss your  logo design options. This  session should solely be dedicated  to you speaking your mind and making your designer understand what you have in mind.

More Research and Sketching Various Concepts

You need to allow the logo designer some time to put his/her magic on paper. They need to do some research too to find out the current logo design trends that would perfectly work for your brand.  Studying your competition will also be part of their research. A  great logo designer will want to produce a unique  and outstanding logo for each brand.That means more business for them in the future.

You designer will probably get back to you in a while, with various options for your logo. Make the best pick and feel free to reject all if you must. With logo design services, you cannot afford to pay for crap in the name of playing nice.


Send your feedback in time so your designer can begin to work as soon as possible. Quality communication is key in this matter. Make your opinion clear to the expert so you are not met with an ugly surprise when the logo is complete.


Agree on the time frame within which you expect your logo to be ready for business. The logo designer will then officially  go to work. At this point you can only cross your fingers and expect the best. It helps to get regular feedback on the progress so you have a rough idea of what to expect.

Finding expert logo design services is quite a daunting task. However, once you have met a capable and reliable designer, you can already smell  your brand’s  success in the air.

Logo Design:6 Great Tips

Logo design tips

A logo gives identity to a brand, helping to distinguish it from the rest.Logo design therefore plays a vital role in defining a company by giving consumers something to remember about a brand.
To achieve this, top notch logo design services must be engaged.

These six tips, when coupled with professionalism and expertise, guarantee success in log design:

1.Avoid Shortcuts
It is obviously easier to use clip art or to download logo templates but you must overcome the temptation. Believe me,you only need to awaken your creativity to create your own template. This leads us to the next all-important tip:

2. Be Unique
It is impossible to be unique while using internet templates. This is so because, so many people are using the same design. Avoid copying other people’s ideas. You are creative enough to breed your own great ideas.
In the end, you want a logo that is memorable.

3.Create a Versatile Logo
Versatility comes in handy when a company makes major changes that may involve diversification. Your logo needs to still make sense, even in such situations. You also need to create one that is flexible enough to fit different backgrounds.
A logo doesn’t always have to portray what a company does. However, as the designer, you ought to understand what the company does and therefore,know what your logo means. That’s how intricate logo design gets.

4.Create an Appropriate Size
On matters size, you need to find out how your logo will be used. Consider how it will look in print, on TV, T-shirts or on a company truck.
Make the size right for every media.

Color gives a brand personality and this is when you need the client to come out clear what they want. Do they prefer the simplicity of white, the tranquility of blue, the boldness of red? Play with colors until you get it right. Remember that you are creating the logo for the customer, not you. Therefore, it is not enough that you like it, it must be appealing for the customer too.

6. Take advantage of online resources and tools.
There’s just so much information you find on the internet. Search for logo design tips from fellow designer and who knows? You might just learn something new.


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