Getting the Best from Ghostwriting Services

A good ghostwriter is okay. However, okay is not enough when what you want is excellence. Choose someone who understands your subject and more-so one who is interested in the story.

If  you have engaged a ghostwriter before, you know that these guys hold the key to the project’s success. A ghost writer will either breathe life into your work or help you burn it. It’s therefore paramount that you’re certain of the ghostwriting services you’re about to employ.

A good ghostwriter is okay. However, okay is not enough when what you want is excellence. Choose someone who understands your subject and more-so one who is interested in the story.  When a ghost writer is intrigued or enjoys the story,you can rest assured that you’ll get top-notch results.

Ensure also that your ghostwriter is able to capture your voice right from the start. Test them if you must. Be it a book, screenplay, scripts, articles or reports, your voice must be prominent, not the ghost’s. If this isn’t the case, then the project ceases to be  yours  and that’s not good for you.

A ghost should want what you want. Their ideas may be considered but you hold the last word. Never allow the ghost’s ego to stand in the way of your project. If he/she is not willing to let you run the show, you should be worried. Or maybe you should just drop them. This I say because some ghosts will sometimes overstep their mandate and try to overhaul your story. A ghost’s job is not to judge you but to simply listen to you and write.

That said, you will need to be firm about how far the ghost can go as far as altering your work is concerned. You should be clear from the start on how much leeway you’re allowing them. This ensures the ghostwriter is able to know their limits and  you get what you want .

At Contentbay, we give you choices which dictate how much you allow us to do with your project.

Your Ideas, Your Words: You provide us with a rough draft of your project and we polish it up into the final product. We can also have you talk to us, then we’ll use our notes to churn out your desired content.

Your Ideas, Our Words: You present to us your ideas in form of an outline, after which we do the necessary research and write. You will be involved throughout the entire process to make changes where necessary.

Our Ideas, Our Words: This one is quite easy.Here, you let us do all the work and all you’ll need to do is make your approval. We present the ideas which you vet and make a decision, then we go ahead and write.

It’s quite easy to work with a ghostwriter when the rules are clearly set from the start. Contact us today and let us help you say what you have to say.



How to Choose Your Ebook Ghost Writer

Every ebook ghost writer you come across will promise you amazing results but don't be fooled. You could easily end up wasting your time and money on a wannabe and this could also mean the end of the road for your dream of publishing.

Sometimes even the best need some help and with ebook writing, you must ensure you entrust your vision with the right person. Every ebook ghost writer you come across will promise you amazing results but don’t be fooled. You could easily end up wasting your time and money on a wannabe and this could also mean the end of the road for your dream of publishing.

How do you ensure your vision is in safe hands? How can you tell that the ebook ghost writer you’re about to trust with your story is the best you could find? These tips will guide you in selecting the right man for the job.

Do your research: Find out all there is to know about writing ebooks. Get all the facts, which are easily available on the internet. Consult widely from the experts and find out how much it costs to hire a professional ebook ghost writer. Knowledge is power.

Begin the hunt:At this stage, you’ll need all the determination you can master. It will get rather tough to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Everybody you meet can easily turn into an ebook ghost writer, only for them to waste your time. Again, the internet can be your best friend but still, you also need to exercise a lot of caution.

Create a shortlist of eligible candidates: What rationale do you use in shortlisting potential ebook ghost writers? Look at their profiles as well as their reviews. Consider also their rates as this will be a major determining factor.

This is one of the toughest stages and no ‘impostor’ ebook ghost writer can make it through. Make each of them prove their worth by giving them a test independently. If you are smart enough to come up with an ebook idea, you can definitely churn out a test idea. See how each of them handles it and examine the quality of the content and ideas they bring in. The genius will stand out of the crowd and you’ll know it when you see his/her work.

Discuss your idea: Now that you have a ‘winner,’ it’s time to let them into your world. Discuss your ebook extensively and clearly lay out your expectations. Listen to their ideas and make changes where you feel you should. Remember, this is your story and the ebook ghost writer is only helping you tell it. You may need their help yes but this is still your vision, a dream that is about to come true and you cannot let anybody else take centre stage.

Choosing a ghost writer is no mean fete. You’ll need someone who understands your vision and agrees with the purpose of the message. This person must hold your hand from beginning to the end. That’s why it’s vital that you’re careful who you let into your story.

Ghostwriting Services: The Writer’s Side of the Coin

Ghostwriting services are the ultimate solution for the gifted author who lacks the writing skills, time or  inclination to churn out outstanding literary works.

When you read a blog post, a report, screenplay or Ebook and like the content, you wish you could meet the writer in person and give them a pat on the back, or maybe a hug. What you don’t know is that sometimes the author has hired ghostwriting services to help them complete the project. Don’t be disappointed. It’s not a bad thing. Not at all. There’s so much hard work that goes into producing quality content and sometimes an extra hand is vital to produce an outstanding piece.
Sometimes the people with great ideas lack the necessary writing skills or the time required to churn out compelling content for their readers. That’s why they need experts like us to work with them and help them make their dreams a reality.

A client/ the author gets all the credit for a job well done, while the ghost writer has to remain behind the scenes in respect to the non-disclosure agreement. That’s just one aspect of the ghostwriter’s side of the coin,a fact they have to live with as long as they intend to provide ghostwriting services.

No work is ever easy and every field has it’s own fair share of problems that make life difficult. Clients come to you for ghostwriting services because they believe you have something that they don’t, whether the writing skills,time or mere motivation to write. They therefore expect that the writer has all the solutions to all their problems. This can sometimes put pressure on the writer, sometimes leading to fatigue.
One has to strike a balance between projects and strive to remain sane all this time and make sure that the author and the reader get exactly what they’re be looking for.

Anyone involved in ghostwriting services will tell you that there are many difficult clients and this only makes life harder for the writer. For one to produce a best seller, it calls for coordination or chemistry between the author and the ghostwriter. Conflict can easily result in frustration and their objective ends up not being achieved. This calls for the writer to exercise patience and tolerance so everyone goes home happy.

There’s nothing as difficult as working with a client who thinks you are too dumb to offer professional advise. It’s on of the worst nightmares a ghostwriter can ever experience.
Here’s some truth for such clients: you seek out a ghostwriter because you need a helping hand. Please listen to them when they make a contribution. You don’t have to like or accept it. Just listen.

Ghostwriting services can cost you an arm and a leg, depending on the type of your project and the writer you have contracted. Every writer has their own rates and they have their reasons. How much you pay for ghostwriting services entirely depends on the results you anticipate. A good perk motivates a writer to walk an extra mile for you. They will work hard to ensure their output matches the pay and you will be one happy author.

Ghostwriting services are the ultimate solution for the gifted author who lacks the writing skills, time or inclination to churn out outstanding literary works.It is crucial that both parties appreciate each other’s efforts in order to work effectively as a team.

Online Reading: What Do Readers Want?

When people choose online reading over print books and magazines, it's because they want something more than flipping pages. They want convenience, helpful assistance and knowledge with a bit of fun.

So many writers have taken to Ebook writing but some end up in frustration. Well, there could be a billion reasons why you haven’t achieved what you had hoped for yet but not knowing the needs of your audience is a major pitfall. Online reading, also known as digital reading is much more intricate than what we perceive. An understanding of this fact will go a long way in helping you realise your dream of writing Ebooks or even producing great copy for websites.

Readers want informative copy that is; enlightening, useful and interesting information. When you help readers acquire or increase knowledge and provide explanations to a subject of their interest, they will keep coming back for more. So, is your copy providing useful information to readers?

People who do online reading are certainly looking for helpful information. We face numerous problems daily and finding help online is one of the most reliable and conveniently fast methods. When your copy is created with the sole intention of helping a troubled person, you are likely to warm your way into the hearts of millions of readers. People want to feel that someone knows their daily life challenges and is willing to help them. For example, so many people will be searching for ‘healthy weight loss’ or ‘how to be a successful online entrepreneur’ and much more. If your copy is search engine-friendly, they will find you and stick with you forever.

There’s more to online reading than learning how to do things. Readers are also looking for entertainment. There are so many ways to provide entertainment via website copy or even an Ebook. You wonder how? Well, what’s the tone of your copy? Do you ever loosen up and decide to be silly in some of your blog posts? Do you make reference to funny scenarios while writing your Ebook or do you always sound like a grumpy authoritarian professor telling people how to live their lives? Your blog, ebook or whatever copy does not always have to be too serious. Find a way to once in a while bring out the human behind the scenes and connect with your readers on a different level. Humor.

When people choose online reading over print books and magazines, it’s because they want something more than flipping pages. They want convenience, helpful assistance and knowledge with a bit of fun. Provide online readers with what they need and you will have a dedicated following, people who will thirst for your copy.

Writing Ebooks: Profitable Writing Made Easier

Writing ebooks has made it  a lot easier to pass your message across to your preferred audience, faster than you can ever imagine.

There are numerous passionate writers who had remained unsung heroes until the tide turned on the publishing industry. Traditional print books have had a long reign until writing ebooks became a norm. This has made life so much easier for writers and readers as well.

If you are planning to write a book, you might want to consider opting to publish an ebook instead. Change has come and this one, we can tell you confidently, is here to stay. Writing ebooks has made it a lot easier to pass your message across to your preferred audience and faster than you can ever imagine. You might have had to stress about time taken during shipping before but now it’s different. Your book will be just a click away from the reader. That is speed.

As a talented and passionate writer, you might have done your maths already and you know that publishing a print book will cost you an arm and a leg or more. With writing ebooks, that will not be a cause to worry. The cost of publishing an ebook is so friendly, you won’t believe it. On this side, you can forget about ink and print paper. Now, that’s a cost saving tactic.

An ebook enables you to reach a larger audience than you could with a traditional print book. Just imagine you, your book reaching overseas readers and more. Isn’t that a literary breakthrough? Well, if that isn’t, then your definition of success is uncommon. Writing ebooks is the definition of boundless reach in writing.

Ebooks are not just good news for you but for the reader too. Very few of us enjoy reading and if we find a way to make reading less cumbersome and more fun, we’d definitely love reading. Well, electronic books make the readers’ life much easier now. Readers can carry a library of books across continents without feeling an extra ounce of weight!
It gets better. One can adjust text font size and also follow external links on ebooks! Now that’s convenience.

That’s not all, ebooks definitely cost much less than print books and so you will make more sales. People will always opt for a product on which they can spend less for, as long as quality is not compromised.

One more ebook wonder; you will not need any physical storage for them. Your device memory capacity determines the volume of your library. The more the storage space, the larger your library.
There’s much more you can get from writing ebooks than contained in this article. An ebook provides a level playground for all writers, both amateurs and gurus. It is now up to you to make your ebook as outstanding as possible.

Writing Services: How Much Should You Spend?

Writing Services: How Much Should You Spend?

We often need writing services for various reasons, either for business or personal needs. Sometimes it’s because our writing skills are not too good or because we have too little or no time to write. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you are not getting a raw deal.
You should always see to it that you get value for your money.

Article writers, CV writers, copywriters, technical writers and Ebook ghost writers will easily rip you off if you have no idea about current market prices for writing services. That’s why it is important to study the market before making any payment. This will cushion you from splurging too much money on the service.

Pick the best man for the job and you will only spend reasonably. It is very important that you not only look at the rates but the quality of writing services the person or agency provides. At this point, you need to ask for a free sample. Many UK writing agencies willingly provide samples for their clients. If they cannot provide a sample, well, that’s one hell of a red sign. Run and don’t look back.
Remember that you are out looking for the best and most professional writer you can find.

If you are engaging writing services for the first time, you might need to consult more experienced people. Some business people have been running their brands’ blogs on freelance blogger-sourced articles. They know the rates best plus they will easily lead you to a reliable service provider.

Be ready to take risks. A certain agency might have the most insane rates but you later discover that their writing services are top notch. You must have heard that cheap is expensive and that is often the case in the writing industry. Consider the value of your business or career before embracing cheap labor. When the deal is too good,do not even think about it. When you want a great CV or articles, do not gamble with quality. You might never get a second chance to make an impression.

How much you spend on writing services is not as important as the value you get in return.The services you receive should always be worth every penny that you spend. Spend wisely.

Ebook Writing: What Makes an Ebook Sell?

Ebook writing has made it much easier for authors to self publish without having to break too much sweat.

Writing an ebook is one thing but having it appeal to the target audience is a whole different thing.

Have you always hoped to publish a book? As you might have noticed already, it’s not easy to do so with the inconvenience and hassle that comes with traditional publishing. Ebook writing has made it much easier for authors to self publish without having to break too much sweat.

Writing an ebook is one thing but having it appeal to the target audience is a whole different thing. This is a major concern for those writing to make profits, unlike other authors who wish to give away free ebooks. Just what determines how successful your work will be? There are various aspects of your ebook that define the success of your work, including the following.

What you choose to write about is very important and determines how the information you publish will be received. It doesn’t help to choose a hot topic that you know nothing about or one that you do not care about. Go for a topic that you are passionate about, one that you will enjoy writing about. This will give you a great experience in ebook writing. Your topic also needs to match your present online identity. You will lose your readers if you take a sudden U-turn and getting them back is no easy task.

Quality of Content
Organize your work in a logical and neat manner. Give the reader a great experience with your content. This you do by providing credible information or ideas that the reader will find really helpful. Grammatical mistakes and typos are unsightly and will cost you too much. When you impress a few readers, your marketing costs are bound to reduce dramatically.

When you know your target audience, you will know how much content they can handle at once. You must therefore be extra careful how much you publish. Ebook writing is often the shorter version of the traditional book. Readers often expect to read less in an ebook than they would have to otherwise.

Your ebook is defined by the cover, which is the first thing your readers see before they decide to buy. The cover can make or break your ebook writing business. You must therefore be extra careful what you present on the cover. Create a cover that appealingly summarizes the book, in form of pictures and good quality typography. Make your cover speak to the audience and convince them to click favorably.

Ebook writing looks simple from a distance and it truly is. All you need to do is master the little tricks that make things work in your favor, whether you are out to make money or just to let your voice be heard.

Ghostwriting: Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriting expert speaks to your audience in your voice.

So many talented people have a wonderful stories to tell but lack the skills to put it down on paper. These people lack the ability to find their voices and express their thoughts with clarity , and this is where ghostwriting comes in.
A ghost writer should speak for you in a voice that only you can. They find the best words and format to connect you to your audience, while you sit back and watch.

Interestingly, some authors have the writing skills but lack the time to organize their work for publishing. A ghost writer makes sure that your dreams come to fruition by doing the rest of the hard work. They organize your thoughts to see you live your dream of publishing, sooner than you have been expecting.
All you need to do is to work on the connection between you and the writer, which will ensure they tell your story just as you have envisioned.

Ghostwriting experts have vast experience in the field of book writing and so do not be surprised if they know a few more tricks than you do. That is one more reason why you need to hire one.
An experienced ghost writer knows content that matches one audience but won’t work with another. They can easily tell when and how you need to improve your content.
A competent ghost writer will turn your crap into readers’ staple by giving it a professional touch which only they can.

So, how does one find reliable ghostwriting services? Admittedly, it is not one of the easiest things to do but one must put in a lot of effort.Your book is your baby and therefore you cannot just entrust it to anyone who claims to be a great ghost writer. Do not settle for anything less than the best.

Take your time before choosing a writer, paying attention to their skills and past experience. Find out whom they have written for before and decide if you deserve such quality of work. Put the ghost writer to the test by telling him/her to draft some text of the work for you.
At this point, you can easily tell if you have hit a gold mine yet. Discuss all the necessary issues such as confidentiality and copyright ownership, author’s participation, as well as the pricing and time-frame set for the work.
These should help you determine the type of working relationship that you and your ghost writer will have. At this point, you either drop or hire the ghost writer.


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