CV Writing Services: The Untold Facts

There's more to CV writing services than you get to hear. These experts help you spruce up your CV in readiness for the significant  leap you are about to make in your career.

You often wonder who needs CV writing services, right? You will understand in a while. Just read on.
When looking for a job, you always work hard to bring out the best qualities in you so you become the recruiters’ favorite. Job seekers will often prepare the best attire for the interview, practise in front of a mirror and all but sadly, very few even get shortlisted. Why? Their CVs have failed them.

Well, you can make sure you will not be part of this unfortunate statistics by finding professional CV writing services. Yes, its that simple and more. It is your career that is hanging in the balance here and your CV has a major role to play. This document is usually the first contact you make with an employer and its quality determines whether or not you make it to the interview level.

Why would one need someone else to spell out their qualifications for a certain position? You may argue that you know yourself best and therefore are the best person to tell your own story. That is correct, except for the fact that your CV is not an ordinary story. It is the kind that has to be told the right way and no way else.

You cannot afford to watch opportunities pass you by while help is just a click away. There are numerous professionals providing CV writing services and all you need to do is ask.You then provide your details and the job is as good as done! At just a reasonable cost, the experts paint you in the best colors, owing to their rich experience in the job market.

If you are in a better position and able to write a great CV, lucky you. Even so, you still need help. A professional second opinion will go a long way in ensuring you are the right guy for the job. We all have this common weakness which makes us blind to our own mistakes. You may not notice that you left out a number in your phone number or wrongly spelt your own name or email address. We all know how much difference such seemingly small mistakes can make.

There’s more to CV writing services than you get to hear. These experts help you spruce up your CV in readiness for the significant leap you are about to make in your career. Do not do this alone while you can find dependable help from qualified and experienced individuals. Order for one now.

Successful CV Writing: 8 Top Tips

Successful CV writing is very important for job seekers. Your CV introduces you to the recruiter and determines if you are called up for an interview or not.

Writing your CV gives you the opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself to prospective employers. How you do it matters a lot and determines whether or not you get a response from recruiters. Just what makes a successful CV?

Fresh graduates and other job seekers must know the main key points that save a CV from ending up in the trash. It’s actually the little things that count in this case.

  1. Always tailor your CV to the job application at hand. Find out the requirements stated. This enables you to determine what to highlight and what not to. A successful CV matches the job description in almost all if not all aspects.
  2. Keep your language formal. This is probably cliche already but still, there is no harm in reminding you. Don’t even think of typing an emoticon  on any part of the CV. That’s just an example of the annoying mistakes you must avoid. Please do not ‘xo’ the recruiter, otherwise that will be the cost of a life-time opportunity :(
  3. Only provide accurate personal information. This includes names, telephone numbers and emails. Double check such details just to be sure.
  4. A maximum of two pages of an A4 paper will do. It is not quantity but quality that matters here. Be brief and precise. That’s what makes a successful CV.
  5. Pay more attention  to skills and achievements than responsibilities. Every prospective employer wants to know what uniqueness you are bringing to the table. Your set of skills and achievements are a rich source of impressive information. This is the point in CV writing where you are given an opportunity to ‘brag’ about what you have been able to do in the past. Remember only to say ‘stuff’ that rhymes with the job description for which you are applying.
  6. Update your CV  regularly. Once you have a new skill or achievement, remember to make the necessary changes. If you happen to change your address, phone number or email, remember to update that too.
  7. Provide at least two reliable references. Take note of the ‘reliable’ part.
  8. Always print your CV using presentable good quality paper. First impressions still matter.
  9. I know I said eight. This one just came up. Proofread as many times as you can. A missing or wrong  letter or number can be very costly in CV writing.

Well, there you have it, from this day forward, you can only write a successful CV. Nothing less.

CV Writing Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

CV writing

Job seeking is not a fun activity and quality CV writing is the first step towards getting your dream job. Once you land on an opportunity to be hired, you must make the best of it. This is usually your first meeting with a prospective employer and so you must impress.

However, a silly mistake could cost you that great job you so much deserve and desire. These are the common pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to land that job.

Wrong CV for the Right Role

A CV must always be tailored to the job opportunity at hand. Show that your skills match the specifications of the job. Employers will throw your CV in the trash if you do not seem to understand what they want.

Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

This is one of the dumbest CV writing mistakes an applicant can make. This is your moment to shine and typos is not the way, neither is spelling mistakes. Spell check every word just to be sure.

Difficult Format

Sometimes applicants think they are being unique and tech-savvy when they use complicated and rarely used word formats. What they don’t know is that their prospective employer might still be a conservative computer user. They might not have the time and will to search for the right software to help access the file. Why not use the standard format that every computer can open?

Omitting Vital Information

You should know what employers need to know, plus what will give you an upper hand against other applicants. Many job seekers will often forget or intentionally omit the ‘experience’ section, which plays a major role in short-listing . Others will leave out skills, assuming that the rest of the CV says it all. In CV writing, there is no room for assumptions. If it is required, it must be included.

Giving Wrong Personal Details

Any mistake on your personal details is unforgivable. People have missed out on great opportunities because they entered a wrong telephone number or skipped a single figure. Proofread your CV. Proofread.

I Forgot Some/ All Attachments!

By the time you are saying this to yourself, an ’empty’ email has landed in your employer’s inbox. Somebody might be reading it already! You then have to send another email to save yourself. That is very dumb. Think and think again before you click ‘send’

You Write Too Much

Nobody has got the time to read too much to find an employee while there are so many other applications on the table. Tone down on how much you say. Two pages should say enough about you. Leave the rest of the information for the interview, if you are lucky enough to get an invitation.

You can always find CV writing help from CV and resume writing experts.


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