5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog


Every business in the 21st century should be blogging. Show me a business that does not run a blog and I will show you a clueless business person. There are more than enough reasons why blogging is a major component of online marketing and a pointer to increase in sales.

Blogging Personifies the Brand
A blog gives life to a brand by giving it a human face.Through blogging, you are able to pass on useful information to potential customers and maintain existing ones as well. People love it when someone volunteers useful information and solutions to their problems. A successful blog is not only promotional, but also educational.

Blogging Creates Conversation Around the Brand
Blogging is a perfect way to make people talk about your brand which often results in sales. This is often determined by the share-ability of your blog posts. The outcomes of these conversations depends on the quality of your product or service.

Builds Consumer Confidence
A blog keeps the consumer in touch with the business, which cements the business-client relationship. You must therefore seek to discuss matters that interest your target market, while taking care not to lead them away from your brand.
If you are smart enough, you will always find a way to bring your product into the conversation.

Search Engine Optimization
You want your brand to rank top on search engines? Blogging is the perfect solution. You only need to find out what your target audience searches for on the internet and use it to lead them to your brand. It’s that simple, but usually accompanied by it’s own fair share of challenges.

Inexpensive Marketing
A blog provides a platform where you introduce your brand to the world in the most captivating way. There are various free blogging platforms which you can use to promote your brand, the major ones being WordPress and Google’s Blogger.

The 6 Secrets of Great Copywriting

Copywriter at work

Professional copywriters and their clients know that words sell. You get to learn this once you experience the effects of either good or bad copy. Quality copywriting must result in achievement of the set goals and this can only be achieved when one knows how to say the right things to the right people, the right way.

You must first find out what works for the type of product whose copy you are creating. Gather enough information about the service or product you are writing about. Also familiarize yourself with the company and find out what they stand for. Understand what they do and how they do it. There is no room for misinformation in copywriting.
Study the target audience too and know their problems and desires. This will help you to come up with content that resonates with them.
It also helps to have the knowledge of what the product’s competition are up to since you want to develop content that is unique.

Choose the Right Headline
The headline is the most important part of any copy. It must be compelling enough at first sight and equally intriguing to make them read the body copy.

Copywriting becomes effective when the target audience understands the content without having to go through too much trouble.
Since you are out to convince them to accept the product or service, the information must be organized in a neat and logical manner.
Your choice of words must be considered carefully, ensuring to avoid too much jargon where possible. Get into the target audience’s shoes and create content that would also impress you as a reader.

Make it Personal
Write in a conversational tone so you are as appealing as possible. Use the word ‘you’ when referring to the readers so they feel more at ease. They need to feel that the content was written specifically for them. Believe me, this one really works.

Pull the Emotion String
You must identify a feeling that you want to evoke in the reader, so that they are more convinced to buy. The main strings often pulled in copywriting are fear, lust and greed. You therefore need to know people’s needs, desires, fears and problems.
People will feel connected to the product or the company once any of these emotions are evoked.

Never Stop Learning
There are new trends emerging in copywriting every day and you must stay informed. The only way to do so is by keeping track of the changes in the industry.
You need to know every trick that the copywriter in the next company is applying. Learn from your mistakes and also devote yourself to discovering new copywriting tricks to help you improve the quality of your next copy

Content Marketing Benefits for Your Business

Content marketing strategy

Traditional marketing is currently considered an almost outdated strategy. Why so? Consumers now want more valuable and trustworthy information when faced with purchasing decisions. We are in the anti-interruption era in which consumers must get valuable, relevant and consistent content to convince them to buy a product or service.
This is what content marketing does for businesses and more.

Content Marketing Grows Your Customer Base
When you write about things that matter to people, they will be drawn to your business. Consumers want to be educated on important issues and this is the purpose of content marketing.

Generates Sales More Efficiently
Development of high quality web content attracts more traffic to your business. Once readers find valuable information on you blog or website, they begin to trust you and they will need less convincing to purchase. What is easier than that?

Initiates and Maintains Brand-Conversations
Once you develop unbeatable high quality web content, people find it easy to discuss your product (hopefully positive buzz). Your web content needs to be easy for the Average Joe to read and share on social media networks. This is very cheap advertisement, right?

Attracts the ‘right’ People
Content marketing acts as a sieve in the sea of consumers, to lead only the targeted people to your business. You will therefore have an easier job, convincing them to buy since they have passed the initial ‘test’. In order to achieve this benefit, content must be tailored to the taste of the targeted fraction of consumers.

Content Marketing is Flexible
Any business in any industry can make use of content marketing to boost their sales. You only need to understand your business and focus on your goals. If you cannot do it on your own, engage the services of a competent web content developer. Find  one who has an eye on quality and understands the dynamics of content marketing.

SEO Benefits
Good quality web content and an understanding of search engine optimization can easily rank your business  high on the internet. When done right, content marketing will make you a Google favorite.

It is Cheaper
Try it and prove this point right or right.

Characteristics of Quality Content

Quality content

High quality content is key to success in online marketing, especially for small businesses seeking to improve their web ranking. Web content should draw traffic to your site and ultimately translate in the achievement of your goals.
So what determines the performance of a set of words intended for online marketing?

Content generated must suit the interests of the targeted market. This to a large extent determines the kind of language and diction to apply.

Does the content serve the purpose? Does it match the occasion and existing content marketing trends?

Originality and Uniqueness
Someone else might have written about the same subject before but you do not have to sound like them. Readers must have a different experience with your content if they are to choose your product or service over the rest.

Accuracy and Clarity
Do you understand what you are discussing? In content creation, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Web content presents the product or service to the market. A content developer must therefore thoroughly proofread their work before allowing it go live. Bad content once seen cannot be unseen.

High quality content appeals to the reader, which means their interest in the product or service is immediately aroused. This is often reflected by the number of responses received from readers.

SEO Optimization
Search engine optimization determines how many pairs of eyeballs meet your content. One therefore needs to learn how best to use SEO to their advantage, while maintaining relevance and clarity.

How many times your content is shared determines your reach. Content must be tailored in a conversational tone so that readers easily share among themselves. This is where language and diction plays a major role. Too much jargon locks out many prospective readers and/or clients.

For one to achieve quality content, they must have a keen eye on details. A  negligible mistake can cost you many prospective customers.


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