Banners That Stand Out for Outstanding Sales

Have you had enough of advertising campaigns that give you no returns? Over 50% of your chances for success depend on your banners.

Make more sales

Have you had enough of advertising campaigns that give you no returns? Over 50% of your chances for success depend on your banners, so make sure that your banners stand out and your sales will too. We’ve got the perfect solution for you, one that will see your sales soar way above your competitors. Our designers are known for their prowess in banner design world over. Business persons have trusted us to transform their returns with only days of displaying our banners.

Learn from our mistakes

Benefit from our tried and tested knowledge. Since we have been designing banners for many years, we know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to make the same mistakes. With our rich experience in banner design, you can trust that we know what’s hot and what’s not as far as display advertising is concerned. We will give you the best options that are bound to bring you nothing but positive results within the set period of time.

Lower your Advertising cost

Because our banners generate more leads, your cost of advertising is bound to be cut significantly. As a result we’ll help you to meet the same number of sales at a fraction of the advertising cost. We understand your needs and concerns and so we are out to ensure you spend less for more.

With banners, when you get the design right, you’re guaranteed of impressive results. For this you need to ensure you’re working with the best that there is. Our designers have earned a reputation for creating topnotch banners which always meet the needs of our clients and sometimes even surpass their expectations.

You can easily triple your sales  if you  take  advantage of the benefits that banner advertising has to offer. Contact us now and let us team up with you to take your business to the next level.

Banner Ads: Why Readers Ignore Display Advertising

Admittedly, banner ads can be quite intrusive, especially when you're trying to concentrate on other more important matters.

Display advertising is the core of online advertising but sometimes marketers get disappointing results. Why so? Readers tend to ignore such forms of advertising, especially banner ads. Online readers have their own reasons for doing so, all of which cannot be ignored. This article discusses the main reasons internet users site for this behavior.

Banner Ads are Intrusive and Annoying! Not my words though. That’s what most readers will tell you any day. Admittedly, banner ads can be quite intrusive, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on other more important matters. So yes, this is one reasonable reason.

Readers Don’t Trust Banner Ads Most banner ads often contain too-good-to-be true images and ‘loud’ graphics and this makes the advertiser look desperate. You know it’s difficult to trust a desperate person, especially when the person in question could possibly be an unscrupulous business man.

Some Readers are Wary of Malware. The internet is flooded with computer malware which is sometimes just a click away. Too many unsuspecting internet users unknowingly install these bugs which end up compromising their PCs and smart phones. Now you know why people avoid your banner ads. They’re just being careful and you can never be too careful.

Ignore Banner Ads to Avoid Advertiser Spam. Come on, you know how annoying marketers can get and if you find a way to avoid them, you’ll definitely take it. Internet users are more aware today than they were yesterday. Let’s say they value their peace of mind too much to let your spam into their busy lives.

That said, it still is important to use banner ads to promote your brand. The secret lies in how you display your ads. Their format and appearance is key to realising your display marketing goals. Find out what your target audience prefers to look at and they’ll definitely be clicking on your ads. Any form of marketing is built on knowing the people’s needs and delivering nothing less.

UK Design Services for Business Success

Quality  and professional UK design services  ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business. Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

Doing business in an environment as dynamic as the United Kingdom is proving too difficult for some entrepreneurs. Most of these people blame their woes on digital marketing, which is rather ironical since it is considered the miracle of the 21st century in the business world. A significant number of business owners insist on sticking with the ‘old folks’ advertising methods but it definitely isn’t going to work. So, where do UK design services come in?

You need to appreciate the fact that you are doing business in the digital era. Failure to adjust to the current trends will only mean that you lag behind. Ultimately, your sales will do the talking, which will convince you otherwise.

One can confidently say that in this era, visualisation or design is everything. Potential customers need to see and believe, which has a major role in convincing them to buy your product or service. It is for this reason that experts offer various UK design services for business success.Let’s talk about the logo, websites and banners for now.

Your company’s logo is only a compressed image of the entire business and only an expert can design one that portrays the best picture.The most successful brands have kick ass logos to match. Consider Apple, FedEx, Volvo and BMW. Isn’t there something that totally ticks about their logos? That is what expertise in design does. It gives your business an identity, an unforgettable face.
Engaging an expert for design work is good for your business. It ensures that you get the best from the best.

Every business should have a formidable online presence. Consumers are looking for products and services online, unlike the walk-in culture of the past. If your company cannot be found online, then you are courting business failure. Creating a website is the first and major step towards creating an online presence. If you are privileged to find expert UK design services, you will have a wonder-website that will turn every click into gold. A qualified and sufficiently experienced web designer should know what’s hot and what’s not as far as website design is concerned. Your website can be your cash cow, magic that only a great designer can perform.

Considering placing banners on your website to enhance the visibility of your brand? Well, a designer comes in handy. Find one who understands your brand and so can professionally choose the perfect type of banner for your business. Banners are so sensitive that if you have the wrong design,color, size or text, it will literally repel visitors. This , among others is a good-enough reason for you to engage expert UK design services.

Design is a major contributor to high ROI in every marketing strategy. Quality and professional UK design services therefore ensure that you do not incur losses in the quest of promoting your business.
Find out what your business needs today and maximise on the advantages of digital marketing.

5 Top Reasons Why Your Banner Ads Fail

Always remember that in banner ads design, the little things carry the most weight and you must always ensure you do them right. Otherwise, you will never taste success in online advertising.These are not all but the most common banner ad design mistakes.

Banner ads are made for the sole purpose of catching the attention of website visitors and leading them to your call to action. Have you been wondering why your fancy banner designs don’t seem to be doing their job?

Well, maybe you need to stop blaming the banner ads and start wondering what you might have done wrong. It is not enough to just design a banner and fix it on a website. No. It doesn’t work that way.

You need to know what works and what doesn’t. A few correctable mistakes might be the reason you are a disappointed business person. Always remember that in banner ads design, the little things carry the most weight and you must always ensure you do them right. Otherwise, you will never taste success in online advertising.These are not all but the most common banner ad design mistakes.

Size Matters
So you thought that having a mammoth banner will bring you sales? A larger than life banner will catch a website visitor’s attention but what emotions will it evoke? Most probably rage or disdain at your brand. Always make sure that your banner is of a sane size. There are varieties of sizes for banner ads. Choose one that best suits your brand and platform.

Where you place your banner ads is very crucial. Be sure you are not blocking website visitors from accessing some parts of the website. Once you have rudely invaded my space, I will not have the patience to read a word of what your ‘mighty’ banner says. Be nice and place your banner ads at a suitable position, taking care not to obstruct anything from your web visitors.

Do you realise that some colors can be very irritating when used on banner ads? You probably don’t and that is why your ads are a disappointment. Choose your colors wisely. Pick a color that represents the brand and makes it more interesting. Remember that you want to get people interested in the brand and ultimately convert into sales.

Size and shape are quite inseparable. Pick an appropriate shape for your banner ads.

Most designers somewhat believe that banners have to be in constant motion if they are to draw attention. I’m of a slightly different school of thought. Motion is not everything. You’ve got to do everything else right before motion can spruce things up. How good is the content, the color, size and shape?
If your banner moves too fast, nobody will be able to read the content, which is the most important part of the advertisement.

Banner Design: Choosing a Suitable Color

Appropriate color choice in banner design is a very important decision all designers need to make.

Banner design is quite an intricate activity, more-so when one gets to the point of choosing the right color for a certain banner. Color can make or break your banner and so you must consider carefully before settling on one.
Think about the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Is it passion, fear, freshness,humor or vitality?

There is a wide range of psychological effects you can achieve with colors, some of which we discuss here. Having the right color for your banner might be the only good thing about it. You cannot afford to take any chances.

Red is the color of passion, warmth, excitement, love and courage. Too much red can however cause anger and aggression. This can only mean that whichever color you choose, it must be used in moderation.

How about black? It is the most formal color, that also oozes sophistication,comfort and glamour. Black is also the safest color. You can never go wrong with black, unless you overuse it and then it ends up bleeding coldness.

Yellow is a charming color, also considered by some people as the friendliest.A banner must be friendly if anyone is to heed to the call to action.Moderation while using this color is of the essence, unless you want to fatigue your audience with too much light.

is feminine, sweet and warm too. Now you know how to appeal to females. Don’t you?

What color is more calming than blue? Probably none. Blue represents efficiency, safe speed, serenity and elegance. It’s also considered the color of masculinity.

Vitality, sensuality, warmth, passion and happiness. That is the only way to describe orange. This color will put you in a good mood without much effort. Try it in banner design and see if it works for your audience.

Brown is earthy and real. It is a warm color but some people find it too serious. Find a way to make it work for you.

What is the color of nature? Green! When you want a soothing effect, freshness and reassurance, go green. There are so many shades of green you can work with in banner design. Explore the options and find one that works for your audience.

White is simplicity, cleanliness, clarity as well as sophistication. It is worthwhile to note that white is the most neutral color and therefore easily blends with any other color. If you are looking for flexibility, white it!

There are so many more colors to work with in banner design and we obviously cannot exhaust them. Always consider a color that matches your audience. Before you get to the point of creating the banner, study your target market. Find out what color represents your product or service and give them just that. Stay open-minded enough to try various color options too.

If a concept worked yesterday, there’s no guarantee that it will work for the next 100 years. You might be the first to discover a genius idea. Go on and color your banners.

Banner Design:Types of Banners

Banner design

A banner is an image which contains graphics and text, usually embedded on a page to draw traffic to a website. Banner advertisement plays a major role in generating sales as well as promoting the brand. Banner design is therefore crucial for a business to succeed in online advertising.

When done professionally, web banners can easily be the miracle your business has been waiting for.
However, you must know how to choose one that best suits your business needs and matches your budget too. An understanding of the various types of banner ads used will help you make an informed choice.
Banners are categorized in size and also format.

A traditional banner measures 468 pixels by 60 but more variations are now available in the banner design market . The most commonly used banner ad sizes include:

  • Leaderboards (728 by 90 pixels)
  • Skyscrapper (120 by 600 pixels)
  • Business Small Tiles (250 by 45 pixels)
  • Medium rectangle (300 by 250 pixels)
  • square button  (125 by 125 pixels)

There are many other sizes which one can go for, depending on their preference.
Banner ads are also classified on the basis of the format applied such as GIF, JPEG and PNG. The major categories are:
Static Banners
They are made of a single, still image and usually includes text. Most of such banners are jpg or .gif files. This design has a punchline which is intended to be a call to action and usually tailored to remain edged in the minds of the target audience.
They are often preferred due to their cost effectiveness and their ‘clean’ appearance.

Animated banner ads
These are tailor-made to capture the attention of the reader.They are created using GIF file format whereby a series of individual images are displayed sequentially.
Animated banner ads are the most accepted and can be viewed my most users. However, they are sometimes considered quite annoying and non interactive.

Flash Banners
This form of banner design is more sophisticated because the ads flow easily, like movies. They are also less intrusive and more interactive. This is so since they often have sound on/off buttons, play-pause buttons and rollover buttons.



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