How to Make Web Copy Too Enticing to Ignore

 Make web copy too enticing to ignore, so much that not even scanners can resist reading.Drip the honey!

Assembling text into compelling web copy isn’t the easiest job  but it sure is fun when you know what you’re doing.A copywriter’s best moment is seeing his/her copy go live and meet the purpose for which it was created.

Web copy ought to convince the reader to respond to your call to action. That’s how we define success in copywriting here. It is only plain text unless you make a sale or at least an inquiry. This should tell you just how great web copy ought to be before you can call it a success.

There are a few factors that make web copy too enticing to ignore, so much that not even scanners can resist reading.

Enticing Headings and Sub-headings: These two are what turns scanners into readers or otherwise. Always remember that the rest of the copy  being seen depends on the heading. Use conspicuous fonts and magic words to match.

Use Simple Words: Be as natural as possible. You need not use technical jargon to speak to ordinary people. Complicated vocabulary will only  push everybody away from your web content and consequently, your product.

Avoid Passive Voice: Passive voice is robotic and impersonal. Use active voice and warm your way into their wallets. Isn’t that what you want?

Appeal to Readers’ Emotions: Pull the emotion strings as much as you can. The most effective emotions to play with are fear, greed and lust. Pick whichever works for your product and work it!

Use Numbers: In other words, be specific. Use specific numbers when you need to portray how great your product is . The statement,’We have sold 1, 253, 078 units in the last 3 months and have 200,402 pending orders ,’ definitely sounds better than ‘Our sales are impressively high.’

Use the Magic Words of Copywriting: Like dripping honey, drop  words such as  you, free, affordable, cheap, guarantee, sale and more  which have been known to work for ages!

Address the Readers Fears, Doubts and  Questions: If you know your product well enough, you ought  to know what people think and say about it or others related to it. Explain your product and showcase it’s unique characteristics. Reassure your potential customers, and avoid downplaying their concerns. They’ll feel valued and taken seriously, which can only mean positive results for you.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Gaffes: Edit and proofread web copy thoroughly before publishing. Hire a copywriter if you have to. You do not want to lose an entire market to typos and grammatical errors.

If you value your business, you will not take web copy lightly. Web copy may be the only you your customers will ever meet. Make it worth their time.

5 Types of Blog Posts to Boost Your Blog

For a successful hunt, you must create content that your target audience wants to consume, otherwise it's going to be a waste of time. There are five types of blog posts that are definitely going to increase your chances of hitting a home-run sooner than later.

Sometimes you have no idea what readers want and so you’re left with more questions than answers. You want to draw traffic to your website but you have no idea what bait to use. Yes, I said bait. You want to lure internet users into the website and ensure they favorably respond to your call to action. Well, that’s what most of us want. To make sales.

For a successful hunt, you must create content that your target audience wants to consume, otherwise it’s going to be a waste of time. There are five types of blog posts that are definitely going to increase your chances of hitting a home-run sooner than later.

  1. How-to articles. Most people visit the internet searching for information and majority want to  learn how to do various things. Write articles that help solve some of these issues for them and they’ll never forget what you did for them.
  2. Lists. Everybody loves lists, numbered lists. This is so because lists seemingly simplify information and makes it less cumbersome to read. Very few people enjoy reading chunks of text, especially when they’re pressed for time. A brief, clear and precise list will definitely draw people to your blog and they won’t hesitate to share.
  3. Videos. Who doesn’t like videos?Well, unless it’s a longer than life, boring  and horridly shot video clip, many people are likely watch and share. Study your audience and post interesting videos and you’ll have a loyal following, which could mean sales  and referrals for you. You can not only share videos on your Youtube channel but also embedded on blog articles.
  4.  Trending Topics. Find out what’s trending and discuss it on your blog. Pay attention to the  key words  of the moment and use them to direct traffic to your website. Controversy sells. Write debatable and interesting content, the type that’s bent to get people talking. You must fight to stay relevant as there’s no place for mediocrity in any market.
  5. Infographics. Interesting and shareable infographics are the way to go if you want more than impressive blog views. An infographic simplifies information and makes it easier to share. You therefore need to make your infographics good enough to go viral, nothing less.

There’s definitely more types of blog posts you can use to  woo internet users into your blog . We’ll discuss them on a later date. Start with the above 5 and see the results.

Finding Creative Ideas for Article Writing

Article writing might not be one of your strengths you  need to get your creative juices flowing to create top notch content for your website.

You need unique and tasteful articles for your websites but you have no idea where to begin. Article writing might not be one of your strengths but are you willing to give it a try? It’s perfectly understandable if you’re in doubt right now because you don’t feel creative enough at the moment. Well, you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing to create top notch content for your website.

Creating content which appeals to your audience is no mean fete which is the main reason why there are professional article writers. For the sake of those instances when you want to get your hands dirty and do it yourself, here are a few tips. This is how to find creative ideas for article writing.

Visit similar websites: You know best who your competition is. Look them up and lurk around and you might just get inspired to write your own content. With this one, you’ll need to be careful with the temptation to copy their content. Believe me, it isn’t worth it.  You are only there to see what you’re up against.  Plus you are only allowed to  be  a mile or two ahead of their article writing abilities. That’s fair enough.

Refer to your greatest works: You can draw inspiration by looking at the best of your work. Read the best articles you’ve ever written. This is great for the mind as it puts you in a winning mood. You are reminded of how good you can be in article writing and then you’ll be aching to open a blank page and choke it up with outstanding content.

Search for article writing tips: Sometimes you really do need help churning out great ideas. There’s plenty of tips on the internet, some of which will perfectly suit your needs.  You’ll find rich advice especially from professional article writers, most of whom have personal blogs. Be ready to read wide.

Take a risk: Yes. Try something different , regardless of  how crazy it sounds at first. You’ll be amazed at how great some of those ‘stupid’ ideas are. When you’re not sure what or how to write, just write and see what happens. You can always Delete if you don’t like it in the end. Just don’t let the blank page intimidate you. Write something and awaken your muse.

With article writing, you can often never go wrong. You’ll only need to understand your goal and serve your target audience the best. When you don’t feel creative enough, remind yourself that there has to be a way. There’s no giving up in article writing.

You Need a New Article Writer ASAP!

Ensure you're getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don't settle for less when there's probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

Managing a company blog or website is no mean fete. You need to  be careful with the type of content you display to your visitors who could use your content to make important consumer decisions. All this will depend on the proficiency of your article writer. Your content marketing will only be as great as the writer. If they cannot write compelling and interesting content, then you have no option but to look elsewhere for help . Quality is not the only reason you might need a new article writer. There are several reasons why you may  need to go searching again.

How long have you had your current article writer? Years? Well, they must be good at what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted that long on your payroll. However, change might be necessary at some point. Take the risk and try a different  person. You never know, you might end up with a much better person. This is especially necessary when the person doesn’t seem to be up to date with trends in content marketing.

Do your maths and see how much benefit your current article writer has brought to your business. Compare your current writer to those you’ve had before  and determine if they’re an asset or sadly a liability. You cannot allow your hard earned money to go down the drain while you can find a better article writer in nothing less than a click. Get value for money.

We mentioned quality articles earlier but it entails much more than a mere mention. It’s time to sit and take stock to determine the type of articles you’ve been getting. Is the article writer SEO-conscious? What length of articles have you been receiving? Does the writer demonstrate a genuine concern and interest in the success of your business? Does the article writer ever churn out brilliant ideas to help advance your business? If your current article writer does not match up to your idea of quality content, drop them now rather than later.

A great article writer should become ‘attached’ to your business with time, so much that your success is their success. They should add value to your business by producing unmatched content to help your website impress search engines and ultimately attract useful traffic.

Ensure you’re getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don’t settle for less when there’s probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

How to Make Your Company Blog Irresistible

 A company blog is a sure way to reach out to the target market, most of whom use the internet on a daily basis. Your potential customers need  to find you on the internet. They need to find you saying the kind of things they need to hear.

Blogging is at the core of content marketing and every company should know better than to take it lightly. A company blog is a sure way to reach out to the target market, most of whom use the internet on a daily basis. Your potential customers need to find you on the internet. They need to find you saying the kind of things they need to hear.

Millions of people are on the internet every minute of the day, searching for answers. If your blog can provide relevant content for even just a fraction of this population, your sales are bound to increase. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to know how to do it right. Think for example, how got here, reading this article. It’s definitely because you typed something and your search engine landed you here. This is not a coincidence. It is a case of opportunity meeting preparation.

Your company blog should define you, the brand and the people behind the scenes. It should give the reader a glimpse of who they are dealing with. They should be able to know what you are all about. It should be easy for them to know what your mission and values are, which is one of the most daunting tasks.

You may have noticed by now that some blogs are all over the place. It becomes nearly impossible for one to figure out exactly what they specialise in, which is very detrimental for a company blog. Always stick to your specialty. If you offer electrical installation services, don’t be tempted to write about weight loss. It’s obvious that the two are totally unrelated and it wouldn’t make any sense for you to spam your company blog with such content.Be the expert in your field and readers will trust you.

Make your company blog as resourceful as you possibly can. See to it that your visitors will always find the right answers about everything related to your products or services. We all love superheros and if you can be one for your readers, you might just turn them into loyal customers.

Never use your blog to oversell your products or services. It is not only cheap but also irritating to the reader. Consumers know what they want and if you have it, they’ll come to you. You therefore do not need to stuff numerous calls to action in a single blog post. One is enough. Not one more.

Find good quality images for your blog. Some of the most appealing company blogs use appealing photographs, not cheesy stock images.
best tools to appeal to potential customers in the digital age. You cannot afford to overlook the importance of a resourceful and entertaining online presence, all which can be sufficiently catered for in a great company blog.
Find a professional blogger who can make all this a reality.

Essential Traits of Expert Article Writers

What factors do you consider when searching for expert article writers? Is it their website, their marketing copy or the samples they provide? You can easily find out the type of writer you are dealing with.

Article writing is no longer a purely SEO affair as search engines now consider quality of copy. It only goes to show how serious the content industry is getting daily. This calls upon expert article writers to take their job more seriously and produce high quality copy.

What factors do you consider when searching for expert article writers? Is it their website, their marketing copy or the samples they provide? You can easily find out the type of writer you are dealing with, even before you order for articles. It gets better when you’ve had the opportunity to have a face to face interaction, which gives you the chance to make better judgement.

Whether meeting expert article writers in person or online, you must always try and decipher their personal traits, through their behavior or the sample copy they provide. Trust your instincts and believe the first impression they make. With article writing, you cannot afford to take chances. You deserve to get value for your money and nothing less.

Ingenuity is one of the most important traits a writer can have. You need an article writer who can effortlessly produce original and unique copy for you.Examine the sample article provided. It will tell all that there is to know about the writer’s creativity. Any traces of plagiarism or repetitiveness is a danger sign.

Coordination and Orderliness
Expert article writers are orderly and neat. You will easily notice this in their article writing. An organised and properly structured article is sure to win many readers.

It is important for expert article writers to have an eye for details. How else will they avoid embarrassing typos and grammatical errors ? You need an article writer who doesn’t compromise on quality and so delivers the best and nothing less.

You can never be too careful when choosing an article writer. Always ensure you have tested their skills before sealing the deal.

How to Find Professional Article Writers

Genuine and professional article writers are difficult to come by but once you have done thorough vetting, you are likely to end up with the best.

When you need website content, you are looking to impress your visitors and so there’s no room for blunders. Engaging professional article writers enables you to stay assured that you will get the best that the industry can offer. However, finding the right person for the job is quite a tall order and thus must be handled meticulously.

You need to find the best words for your landing page, the kind of words that guarantee positive feedback. What do you look for in professional article writers? All writers and writing agencies will promise you exceptional writing services but only few can actually deliver half the experience.

It is quite natural for you as a client to demand for a free sample from the writer. This should help you determine whether you have found the right person yet. Still, this method can never be considered exhaustive. This is so because some low quality hungry writers will do anything to impress you, including having someone else draft the sample on their behalf.

Well, there are many more ways to determine what type of a writer you are dealing with. Most professional article writers or agencies have websites and run impressive blogs too. Take a tour of the website and see the quality of their website content, as well as blog posts. You should only expect the same quality of content displayed on their website. Ask yourself; Is this what I want on my website? If the answer is yes, then you are lucky. If no, run as fast as you can.

There are various aspects of writing that you should examine while looking for professional article writers. Check their grammar skills. A great content writer must possess impeccable grammar and nothing less.
Does the writer portray uniqueness and creativity in the sample content? How well do they articulate their ideas?
Does their content exude knowledge of the subject matter and versatility in style of writing?
These questions should help you picture the kind of person or agency you should engage.

Genuine and professional article writers are difficult to come by but once you have done thorough vetting, you are likely to end up with the best.
You need to know what you need, so you can ask for just that. There’s no substitute for high quality content. You either have it or you don’t, which ultimately determines the success of your website and business as well.

Do You Really Need Article Writing Services?

Do you really need article writing services?

Do you really need article writing services? Writing always seems easy until you have to do it regularly. For example when you have to write daily, either for yourself or on freelance basis. Such high expectations will often drain your creativity and you end up hitting writers’ block too soon. That is when you find an answer to the question. You know you need professional article writing services as you take time off to refuel.

That is just one of the numerous reasons why you need to hire someone to write on your behalf. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help when you need it.

When you started your own blog, you were very excited about creating a daily post for your readers. It looked very possible at first and you knew that you had the skills to pull it off. Unfortunately, you could not keep it up long enough. It has been long since you last posted and you need to clear the dust. You need to find article writing services from professionals as soon as possible.

A business without an online presence in the 21st century is as good as dead. That is the main reason why you created a blog to generate leads to your business. Online customers are always looking for helpful content and a blog is the best place to find such information it. Running a business is not the easiest of tasks and so one would understand if you lack the time to update your company blog. That is where article writing services come in. You only need to make an arrangement with professionals to supply content as soon as you require.

On the other hand, you might have the time to write but you lack the skills. Well, there is also a solution for that. Search for reliable article writing services as you take your time to learn how to write. With time, you will not have to depend on outsiders to write for you.

Article writing services are easy to find, especially now that every service is just a click away. Roam the internet and find the best and reliable article writers. Look for someone who understands your brand and knows what you want. Soon, you will be grateful you tried.
Invest in good quality content, there is no substitute.

Common Article Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Article writing mistakes discredit your writing skills and make you look clueless. They can cost you your writing career.

Most people think article writing is easy until they are coldly disapproved by their readers, owing to countless mistakes in their work. That is what happens when you think you know something while the opposite is actually the case.
Your journey to successful article writing might be marked with dumb mistakes which often result in frustration.
You need to know how to avoid these pitfalls as much as possible.You can only avoid something if you are aware of its existence, and therefore this list should put you in the know.

Have you ever read an article and at the end you wonder what it was all about? That is how vague feels. You feel cheated and angry. An article’s message must be clear and precise, not so ambiguous that your reader has to make guesses at what you were attempting to say.
How do you avoid this? It’s simple. Understand the subject before typing anything.

This one has to come second since it is almost impossible to separate it from the first. When you do not comprehend the subject, you are less likely to write coherently and more-so consistently.
The trick used to avoid vagueness will suffice in this case too.

Successful article writing is to a large extent dependent on originality and uniqueness. There is therefore no place for plagiarism in this field. For an article to serve it’s purpose effectively, it has to stand out.
All ideas, images, videos or words that do not belong to you cannot be used without the consent of the rightful owner. Simply acknowledge and cite sources of such information.

4.Typos and Spelling Mistakes
These two usually happen as a result of lack of or insufficient editing. Typos are very embarrassing and will discredit your writing skills, no matter who you are. Spelling mistakes are worse because they successfully make you appear clueless about the subject you are discussing.
Keen editing and proofreading will keep your article typo-free. Look up the correct spelling of unfamiliar words before hitting on the keyboard.

5.Grammatical Errors
This is one killer of many article writing careers. Grammar is key to success in article writing and there is no short cut.
Study correct usage of tenses, punctuation marks and sentence structure, among other components of grammar. Grammatical errors are unforgivable.

Article Writing: The Secret to a Perfect Article

Article writing

Just what makes an article perfect? Article writing still remains one of the easiest forms of writing, owing to the fact it has less rules compared to other categories of writing. There are a few secrets to producing topnotch pieces , that when applied guarantee a definite win.

Study Your Audience and Identify Their Needs
This rule applies in any form of writing under the sun. You must know to whom you are writing so that your language and vocabulary matches their preference. Find out what your target reader wants and work towards giving them just that. Is that too difficult?

What is the Purpose of the Article?
Are you writing to educate, warn,notify or entertain? The answer to that question determines the tone you apply in article writing. This also often determines the length and structure of the article. Whether to use a formal or informal structure is to a large extent determined by the purpose of the piece.

Read and Research
A writer who does not read has no business writing. A certain smart head once said that and it is still true. You must never stop reading if you intend to score big in article writing, whether you’re writing for yourself or freelancing. Reading helps you to stay abreast with trends in the writing industry.
It is also through reading that you discover useful information about the subject you are writing about.

Be Creative
I said read, not ‘lift’ ideas from another writer’s work onto yours. You know that is plagiarism, right? Be original, be unique, stand out and the result will be outstanding.
That is all that article writing is about. Always finding a way to say the same thing differently.

This is one of the most crucial points in article writing. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos will always find a way to sneak into an article. You cannot afford to overlook the importance of editing.
It enables you to fine-tune your work to the specifications.

Yes, editing is not enough. Read through your work at least thrice and study the flow of thoughts. If it doesn’t feel like smooth Jazz, think again.


Need anything or have any questions?