Mobile Marketing: Types of Mobile Apps

Stable apps that can do what you want and more in an easy stride. Our apps are built with capacity in mind and we make sure to exceed your expectations.

Stable apps should  do what you want and more in an easy stride. Our apps are built with capacity in mind and we make sure to exceed your expectations. Whatever your project deliverables are, our app can satisfy these reliably over and over again. Go beyond with energised mobile applications driven by powerful back-end engines.

We have an array of options you can choose from.

eCommerce apps

Take your products and shop to the customer’s phone with eCommerce apps. Sell, deliver and invoice with convenience. Growing your business on mobile can’t be easier.

Social apps

Connect your users with lovable apps. Share pictures, videos, music and stories. Merge different social platforms into a single app and who knows be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

Gaming apps

Revolutionary games that take the market. Highly entertaining and well rendered game apps with HD display, shock interface, dynamic screens, payment integration and vibrant communities.

Consumer apps

Bring your customers closer by taking solutions to them. Enhance service delivery and customer support for your business. Watch your following, customer loyalty, retention and profits grow.

Technology apps

Make it possible with hi-tech mobile apps. Interface mobile with external hardware, link work stations, coordinate GPS systems, manage your units, drive resources and automate operations.

Business process apps

Enhance your business process management because of better coordination, quick problem solving, reduced time wastage, smoother communication and team synergy.

Mobile apps differ in terms of platform and function. An app must be created with device compatibility in mind and so you can choose from IOS, Windows,Android as well as  hybrid apps. We have the technical capability to cater for all consumer needs by ensuring each app matches the intended function without fail. Order for  any of the above mentioned apps now and start to enjoy the fruits of the mobile market.

Mobile Marketing Facts to Grow Your Business

 Discover the tricks of mobile marketing and  become a force to reckon with.  Every marketing firm and companies keen on succeeding in business are using it.

As you may have noticed by now, every big or small company that is serious about business has a mobile app. You wonder what informed this? This numerical fact may help: Did you know that about 60% of the entire planet’s population owns a mobile phone? Now you know why mobile marketing is the ‘it’ thing for every marketing firm and companies keen on success.

A smart business person is a people- person, one who is keen on what people want and moves along with emerging trends in business. With mobile marketing, one must keep tabs on innovations in mobile technology, failure to which, you risk losing out to your competitors.

Wondering why your business rival is reaping big while you continue to whine about how bad business is for you? Well, maybe it’s time you tried doing what they do best. Once you have discovered the tricks of mobile marketing, you stand a chance to become a force to reckon with.

Find out what your target market wants and give them just that. Make shopping easy for them. Provide all the necessary information about your product on a mobile app. Allow them to reach you any time they have a concern about your service or product, even at the comfort of their bathroom. Don’t you carry your smartphone in there too? The client is not any different.

Mobile marketing is by far the easiest marketing medium businesses have had in a long time and will only getting better with time. 90% of mobile searches often result to action, over 50% of which leads to sales. Admittedly, this is even more than a face to face pitch can do. You therefore have all the business reasons to invest in mobile marketing, seeing as it helps you save on labor cost too.

Discovering the benefits of mobile marketing is only the first step towards tasting business success. You need to find out what works best for your business and how to optimise on it. You need to prepare a mobile platform that best serves your target market.Only then will you get to realise the benefits of mobile marketing. Consult an expert and have them lead you to better days for your business.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

A mobile app is the  'magic pill' of the 21st century. It is the way to go for every business person who intends to make their brand succeed.

Marketing continues to evolve since the traditional print advertising and we can only look forward to much more ingenious strategies. Every business, big or small needs to keep up with emerging trends in digital marketing, else they risk lagging behind. A mobile app is the business ‘magic pill’ of the 21st century. It is the way to go for every business person who intends to make their brand succeed.

If you are not yet convinced that your business needs a mobile application to help it soar the heights of business success, these facts might help open your eyes.

A mobile app brings your brand closer to the customer. How many smart phones are in people’s hands right now? Imagine now that your business app is installed in even half of them. That is the magic of mobile apps. They put your brand in the best position ever. Customers do not have to a type lengthy URL on their browsers to find you! It can’t get any easier than that.

Your products or services are at a customer’s fingertips any time of the day. What’s more, customer service becomes much easier and more effective. You are able to receive feedback and act on it faster than you would with a website. Needless to say, a mobile app helps you build consumer confidence by establishing a relationship with them.

A mobile app is one of the most effective marketing strategies you will ever try. Your brand reaches a much wider audience than it would without the app. Visibility is the core of advertising,something that an app delivers in impressive measures. Through the application, you are able to provide relevant information to customers such as prices, sales, offers or news feed.

Are you looking for an edge over your competition? A mobile app enables you to stand out from the crowd, if they haven’t discovered this goldmine just yet.
For you to enjoy all these benefits and more, your mobile app needs to be irresistible. Customers want a relevant and easy to use app. This is what determines how many mobile phone users actually download it and keep it.

Find professional mobile application designers to deliver a magnetic app, one that will definitely make your brand shine and outdo the competition.

App Development: Traits that Guarantee Success

Do you want to be the next  big thing in app development? Well, one truth you need to know is that this is a competitive field. There's always a new and  smarter kid on the block, with ingenious ideas and you have to fight to stay relevant.

Do you want to be the next big thing in app development? Well, one truth you need to know is that this is a competitive field. There’s always a new and smarter kid on the block, with ingenious ideas and you have to fight to stay relevant.

Successful app developers have a few distinct characteristics that make them what they are today. These are some of the basic traits that will make you the next big deal in app development.

App development is not a dumpsite for dumb people as some people would want you to believe. You need a lot of technical knowledge to pull off a great app. Some of these things you only know if you are willing to read and to be taught.
There’s definitely a special type of people who are born smart enough not to need to study computer science, software engineering and the likes. However, even these ones need to read to stay up to date with emerging trends.

This is one major requirement you need to create anything unique no matter the field you are in. Creativity enables you become a trendsetter,a position you will need to maintain if you are to remain the best web developer.

Attention to Detail
For one to create a simple and yet efficient application, the nitty gritties have to be correct. The user experience is often determined by the small details, which some developers may ignore and ruin the entire app.
A great app developer has the patience and keenness to pay attention to every bit of the app in order to achieve a smooth running mobile application.

App development is one field that needs a lot of perseverance and resilience if you are to make it. There will be countless setbacks while at work but you cannot afford to let yourself give up. Sometimes, you will need to to make a complete overhaul of the initial plan to try another.
Trends keep changing daily too and you have to keep up with the world to stay relevant.

You need some form of motivation to get through the hardest days in app development. Passion is enough motivation. Do you love what you do? If yes, you have a high chance of success in mobile app development.

Outstanding Tips for App Development

App development is an intricate art.

As demand for smart phones and other devices continues to swell, one can only expect that the need for even smarter app development will tag along. Every smartphone has an average of twenty apps today and all this can only be attributed to the ingenuity of the millions of tech gurus around the world.

A regular Tom and Harry might never understand what it takes to have a functioning app on any device. The hard work and sleepless nights spent on a single app is only known to the guys behind the scenes. It takes passion and dedication to develop an outstanding app, one that is user-friendly and meets the users’ needs. This is what to look for in an app before branding it ‘outstanding’

You want to create an app that is compatible with most devices and OS versions. This will enable you access a larger market as opposed to one that can only run on just a few.

User Interface
An outstanding application arouses the best emotions in the user and so it must be made the way the user likes it. Unnecessary design elements might make it difficult for the user to access some important parts of the app. Inasmuch as you want a fancy app, you might need to prioritize on functionality. App development is that intricate and more.

Fast Start up
Nobody wants to wait for more than 5-6 seconds before an app start up has finished loading. This is the main reason why it is important to test an app severally until you are sure it is good enough to hit the market. If an app takes ages to load, it will not last longer than five more seconds on my device. That is the voice of your potential market.

Memory and Power Consumption
An outstanding app should not take up insane memory space , neither should it suck up too much CPU power. Remember that the user has and intends to install more apps on the same device. They will not think twice before trashing your app to go for a less bulky one.

Reliability and Consistency
This very much depends on the performance and responsiveness of the app. Users need to know when it is loading, has completed or when unfortunately an error has occurred. This level of engagement gives a human touch to an app, which leads to building user-confidence in the product.
Again, only enough trials and testing will enable you to find out how reliable your app is.

How safe is the user’s personal data while using this app? That is one question every developer must ask himself/herself before launching an app. With prying eyes all around me, I need to know that nobody can access my private information, even when I have misplaced my smartphone. Again, that is your potential market speaking.Passwords should help keep intruders at bay.


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