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Banner Design:Types of Banners

Banner design

A banner is an image which contains graphics and text, usually embedded on a page to draw traffic to a website. Banner advertisement plays a major role in generating sales as well as promoting the brand. Banner design is therefore crucial for a business to succeed in online advertising.

When done professionally, web banners can easily be the miracle your business has been waiting for.
However, you must know how to choose one that best suits your business needs and matches your budget too. An understanding of the various types of banner ads used will help you make an informed choice.
Banners are categorized in size and also format.

A traditional banner measures 468 pixels by 60 but more variations are now available in the banner design market . The most commonly used banner ad sizes include:

  • Leaderboards (728 by 90 pixels)
  • Skyscrapper (120 by 600 pixels)
  • Business Small Tiles (250 by 45 pixels)
  • Medium rectangle (300 by 250 pixels)
  • square buttonĀ  (125 by 125 pixels)

There are many other sizes which one can go for, depending on their preference.
Banner ads are also classified on the basis of the format applied such as GIF, JPEG and PNG. The major categories are:
Static Banners
They are made of a single, still image and usually includes text. Most of such banners are jpg or .gif files. This design has a punchline which is intended to be a call to action and usually tailored to remain edged in the minds of the target audience.
They are often preferred due to their cost effectiveness and their ‘clean’ appearance.

Animated banner ads
These are tailor-made to capture the attention of the reader.They are created using GIF file format whereby a series of individual images are displayed sequentially.
Animated banner ads are the most accepted and can be viewed my most users. However, they are sometimes considered quite annoying and non interactive.

Flash Banners
This form of banner design is more sophisticated because the ads flow easily, like movies. They are also less intrusive and more interactive. This is so since they often have sound on/off buttons, play-pause buttons and rollover buttons.


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