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Article Writing: The Secret to a Perfect Article

Article writing

Just what makes an article perfect? Article writing still remains one of the easiest forms of writing, owing to the fact it has less rules compared to other categories of writing. There are a few secrets to producing topnotch pieces , that when applied guarantee a definite win.

Study Your Audience and Identify Their Needs
This rule applies in any form of writing under the sun. You must know to whom you are writing so that your language and vocabulary matches their preference. Find out what your target reader wants and work towards giving them just that. Is that too difficult?

What is the Purpose of the Article?
Are you writing to educate, warn,notify or entertain? The answer to that question determines the tone you apply in article writing. This also often determines the length and structure of the article. Whether to use a formal or informal structure is to a large extent determined by the purpose of the piece.

Read and Research
A writer who does not read has no business writing. A certain smart head once said that and it is still true. You must never stop reading if you intend to score big in article writing, whether you’re writing for yourself or freelancing. Reading helps you to stay abreast with trends in the writing industry.
It is also through reading that you discover useful information about the subject you are writing about.

Be Creative
I said read, not ‘lift’ ideas from another writer’s work onto yours. You know that is plagiarism, right? Be original, be unique, stand out and the result will be outstanding.
That is all that article writing is about. Always finding a way to say the same thing differently.

This is one of the most crucial points in article writing. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos will always find a way to sneak into an article. You cannot afford to overlook the importance of editing.
It enables you to fine-tune your work to the specifications.

Yes, editing is not enough. Read through your work at least thrice and study the flow of thoughts. If it doesn’t feel like smooth Jazz, think again.

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