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Annoying Things Clients Tell Web Designers

A web designer often has to suppress the urge to punch their own computer. Why so? Annoying things that clients say.

Being a web designer is be viewed by ‘outsiders’ as one of the best jobs ever and it sure is a great job. It’s one of the few careers that make one feel like a small god since ‘normal’ people believe you need super powers to do what we do. What people don’t realise is that it can get really difficult when you are dealing with difficult clients.

Clients often say things that could easily make one set fire to their own computers. It gets worse when you know you’ve had many other clients make the same statements and you can only cringe and possibly clench your fists in utter disgust. Well, thank heaven we understand their point of view and so we exercise as much patience as we can master.

Here are the worst things every web designer has heard:

I’m Working on a Really Tight Budget. Please Give Me the Least Expensive Package.
This is cliche already since each client starts a conversation with this cringe-worthy statement. It gets worse when the same client still expects to compete with other badass websites. Most web designers will let such a client try elsewhere, especially when they’ve got other projects in queue. Only a really ‘hungry’ web designer can deal with such a client.

Make it Exactly Like XYZ’s Website but Different.
Seriously? Exactly the same but different? Only the client really understands this kind of language and they expect you to deliver just that. A professional web designer will never stoop so low as to copy and paste another’s work. Come on, we too have some pride and we like to see our ingenuity displayed in a topnotch website. Furthermore, it’s not as easy as you make it sound. You can’t just copy and paste code!

I Don’t Know What I Want
This immediately throws a web designer off balance since they have to do all the thinking for you, which only makes their work more difficult. It’s also very difficult to please someone who has no idea what he/she wants. Come to the table with a clue about what you want. You can’t not know what you want with your own website!

I Love it But Can You Make Some Minor Changes
When a client says this, they mean you’re about to do almost double the work allover again, at the same cost. Not even an extra dime . Every web designer has heard this and believe me, it’s one of the most dreaded statements to hear.

This is not all. There’s a lot more that web designers have to put up with coming from the clients. These are just the major annoying things clients say.
Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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