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8 Common Infographic Design Mistakes

 You just made several design mistakes that ruined what would have otherwise been a great infographic.There's more to creating a powerful infographic

Sometimes you design an infographic and believe that it’s the best thing you’ve ever created. You can’t wait to see the obvious  positive results but then you realise it’s taking longer than you expected. You are feeling frustrated  and disappointed at your own work but still can’t seem to find your fault. What you fail to realise that you made several design mistakes that ruined what would have otherwise been a great infographic.

It’s rather difficult to spot your own mistakes and so a designer will often find out when it’s too late. We best learn from our mistakes but infographic design mistakes can be very expensive and quite frustrating. Here are some of the most common design mistakes every infographic designer should look out for.

Ugly infographic: Your choice of color is very important. You could have compelling information and authoritative data but a wrong choice of color ends up repelling  your audience. Choose an appropriate color for the subject and the audience.

Disregarding the audience: This  happens when you  create an infographic for yourself instead of the audience. You become selfish and decide that they ought to like what you like. That’s the greatest design mistake you can ever make. Always consider your audience, their tastes and preferences and dazzle them. That’s how to ensure your content reaches a wider audience.

Too much text: An infographic should always be an image that speaks for itself and this has very little to do with text. Of all infographic design mistakes, choking your audience with text is often the final nail on the coffin. Very few of us like to read. Keep that in mind.

Low quality images: Usually, it is the images that draw people to your infographic. If they are not attractive enough, then don’t expect too much success.  Why not spend a little money on quality images which will draw millions of eyeballs to your content?

Too long infographic: Nobody wants to spend their entire life waiting for an infographic to load, then the next life reading it. There are design mistakes your audience will easily forgive but time wastage is not one of them. There’s always another  brief infographic they can view and even share instead.

Incorrect data: Be careful with the information you present to your audience. They want to believe you but some errors will cost you their trust. Always get your data from authoritative sources.

Failing to provide sources: Some designers skip the sources/citation part of an infographic. Don’t be one of them. Prove that you did not just copy your data from one dumb website and paste on the infographic. This is how trust in infographic design is built.

Grammatical errors: You may be forgiven for any design mistake but not grammar.

Creating a powerful infographic isn’t just about links and shares. There’s so much more to consider if you’re to make a lasting impression on your audience.Avoid the mentioned design mistakes and you’ll be on a home run.




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