January 15, 2015 cbay

The 6 Secrets of Great Copywriting

Copywriter at work

Professional copywriters and their clients know that words sell. You get to learn this once you experience the effects of either good or bad copy. Quality copywriting must result in achievement of the set goals and this can only be achieved when one knows how to say the right things to the right people, the right way.

You must first find out what works for the type of product whose copy you are creating. Gather enough information about the service or product you are writing about. Also familiarize yourself with the company and find out what they stand for. Understand what they do and how they do it. There is no room for misinformation in copywriting.
Study the target audience too and know their problems and desires. This will help you to come up with content that resonates with them.
It also helps to have the knowledge of what the product’s competition are up to since you want to develop content that is unique.

Choose the Right Headline
The headline is the most important part of any copy. It must be compelling enough at first sight and equally intriguing to make them read the body copy.

Copywriting becomes effective when the target audience understands the content without having to go through too much trouble.
Since you are out to convince them to accept the product or service, the information must be organized in a neat and logical manner.
Your choice of words must be considered carefully, ensuring to avoid too much jargon where possible. Get into the target audience’s shoes and create content that would also impress you as a reader.

Make it Personal
Write in a conversational tone so you are as appealing as possible. Use the word ‘you’ when referring to the readers so they feel more at ease. They need to feel that the content was written specifically for them. Believe me, this one really works.

Pull the Emotion String
You must identify a feeling that you want to evoke in the reader, so that they are more convinced to buy. The main strings often pulled in copywriting are fear, lust and greed. You therefore need to know people’s needs, desires, fears and problems.
People will feel connected to the product or the company once any of these emotions are evoked.

Never Stop Learning
There are new trends emerging in copywriting every day and you must stay informed. The only way to do so is by keeping track of the changes in the industry.
You need to know every trick that the copywriter in the next company is applying. Learn from your mistakes and also devote yourself to discovering new copywriting tricks to help you improve the quality of your next copy


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