You Need a New Article Writer ASAP!

Ensure you're getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don't settle for less when there's probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

Managing a company blog or website is no mean fete. You need to  be careful with the type of content you display to your visitors who could use your content to make important consumer decisions. All this will depend on the proficiency of your article writer. Your content marketing will only be as great as the writer. If they cannot write compelling and interesting content, then you have no option but to look elsewhere for help . Quality is not the only reason you might need a new article writer. There are several reasons why you may  need to go searching again.

How long have you had your current article writer? Years? Well, they must be good at what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted that long on your payroll. However, change might be necessary at some point. Take the risk and try a different  person. You never know, you might end up with a much better person. This is especially necessary when the person doesn’t seem to be up to date with trends in content marketing.

Do your maths and see how much benefit your current article writer has brought to your business. Compare your current writer to those you’ve had before  and determine if they’re an asset or sadly a liability. You cannot allow your hard earned money to go down the drain while you can find a better article writer in nothing less than a click. Get value for money.

We mentioned quality articles earlier but it entails much more than a mere mention. It’s time to sit and take stock to determine the type of articles you’ve been getting. Is the article writer SEO-conscious? What length of articles have you been receiving? Does the writer demonstrate a genuine concern and interest in the success of your business? Does the article writer ever churn out brilliant ideas to help advance your business? If your current article writer does not match up to your idea of quality content, drop them now rather than later.

A great article writer should become ‘attached’ to your business with time, so much that your success is their success. They should add value to your business by producing unmatched content to help your website impress search engines and ultimately attract useful traffic.

Ensure you’re getting value for the money you spend in article writing services. Don’t settle for less when there’s probably a much better article writer waiting for you to beckon.

Reasons Why You Need CV Writing Help

Why would you need CV writing help while you can easily tell a prospective employer why he/she should hire you? There's no dispute about whether you can comfortably convince anyone that you are the guy they've been looking for. What we're worried about is how you say it.

Why would you need CV writing help while you can easily tell a prospective employer why he/she should hire you? There’s no dispute about whether you can comfortably convince anyone that you are the guy they’ve been looking for. What we’re worried about is how you say it.

Your CV is everything and if you get it even slightly wrong, it could blow away your chances of landing your dream job. You will rarely find such open opportunities to find work and so you need to make the best of it.If your writing skills are not so great, then maybe you might need a little CV writing help. Just a little help.

Ever heard of writers’ block? Well, if you haven’t, it’s that ‘thing’ that all writers dread because it sucks up all their energy and they suddenly can’t write anything. It makes a writer feel drained and frustrated and can’t even write to save their own lives. Well, this also happens to non-writers when they have to write, mostly caused by tension and anxiety. This could happen to you when you really need to put together a badass CV. You can’t afford to waste any time because you’re certainly not the only person interested in the job. Other applicants are ‘dolling up’ their CVs and if you’re not careful, you might just miss a life-time opportunity. Find CV writing help as fast as you can!

Sometimes you get so familiar with your own voice that the quality of your ideas start depreciating. It’s normal. It certainly is human and during such times, you need to hear an unfamiliar voice, a voice that is devoid of bias. Now, how does this relate to CV writing? You ask. You have been writing your own CV for far too long and it’s inevitable that you have possibly run out of brilliant ideas. With CVs, you always ought to find a way to stand out. Your CV needs to be different in a favorable way. That’s where CV writing help comes in. You might need a different person to write your CV. A new writer comes in with fresh and unique ideas, which could easily get you to your next employment.

At Contentbay, we are all about professional and dependable CV writing help. Our dynamic clientele attests to the fact that to us, every CV is treated like a baby. That’s with absolute care. Our mission is to ensure that we prepare a document that can undoubtedly get you an audience with the job market’s creme de la creme. We ensure to paint you in the best colors, the kind that make you indispensable as an employee. Try us today and you’ll be glad you did.

10 Smart Tricks to Grow Website Traffic

Growing website traffic is no mean fete and so you have to be patient and willing to try out various options without giving up when one fails.

Many business owners are yet to reap big from their websites and this often brings-in frustration which is bad for business too. Low website traffic gets more discouraging when you have no idea what you’re doing wrong. The much hyped benefits of having a company website stops making sense and you are tempted to think that it’s just a fallacy.

It’s quite easy to draw the right kind of traffic to your website and consequently grow your business. A great website, once properly utilised can get you more customers than you have ever imagined. You only need to know how to make it work for you by growing your reach.

Headlines are Magical. A great headline,like a starter should whet your appetite and make you want more. Use catchy headlines to intrigue your site visitors to spend more time on your website. There’s a significant possibility that they will buy…or come back later.

Use Top-notch Content. Content is key to growing website traffic. Write clean content, the type that makes your brand the best option for your target market. Convince the consumer that you are the go-to guy, that you have the solution to their problems and that you care. Needless to say, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typos will obviously stand in the way of your progress.

Improve User Experience on Your Website. Website visitors always have an option, perhaps even better alternatives before they land on your site. One major impediment to growing website traffic is site accessibility and speed. Consider various gadgets when building your website and ensure your visitors can access your site from any type of smart phone or computer. If you don’t, they’ll be forced to go for the next best option and remember they go away with possible sales.

Spruce up Your Blog. Treat your audience to what they want to read every day. Do your research and find out their browsing culture and give them everything they need. Provide solutions to their problems and give explanations for mysteries that keep them awake at night,which of course has to be related to what you deal in. Find a way to link up to previous posts when putting together a post. This endears you to search engines and ultimately swells the website traffic.

Optimise Site for Search Engines. Use long tail key words to attract the right traffic to your site. Install SEO plugins such as SEO by Yoast to optimise your site for search engines.

Share on Social Media. Create Fan pages and company profiles on the various social media platforms where you can share your website content and attract interested people. Engage your audience in relevant conversations and keep tabs on trending topics. One thing about increasing website traffic is that you have to try every trick and see which one works best. So yes, be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbrl, Google+ etc.

Invest in Quality Photos and Graphics. Your website traffic has everything to do with the site’s eyeball appeal. Photographs and graphics determine how attractive your site is and how much time a visitor spends on the site. Make your website homely.

Make Interesting YouTube Videos. You need to employ all possible options when trying to increase website traffic and Youtube can bring many happy returns. Make Youtube work for your business and remember to drop your site’s URL in the description.

Advertise. Spare no expenses. You’ll reap big if you do it right.

Guest Blogging. Get influential bloggers to blog on your site and their following will trickle down to your brand.

Growing website traffic is no mean fete and so you have to be patient and willing to try out various options without giving up when one fails.

Ghostwriting Services: The Writer’s Side of the Coin

Ghostwriting services are the ultimate solution for the gifted author who lacks the writing skills, time or  inclination to churn out outstanding literary works.

When you read a blog post, a report, screenplay or Ebook and like the content, you wish you could meet the writer in person and give them a pat on the back, or maybe a hug. What you don’t know is that sometimes the author has hired ghostwriting services to help them complete the project. Don’t be disappointed. It’s not a bad thing. Not at all. There’s so much hard work that goes into producing quality content and sometimes an extra hand is vital to produce an outstanding piece.
Sometimes the people with great ideas lack the necessary writing skills or the time required to churn out compelling content for their readers. That’s why they need experts like us to work with them and help them make their dreams a reality.

A client/ the author gets all the credit for a job well done, while the ghost writer has to remain behind the scenes in respect to the non-disclosure agreement. That’s just one aspect of the ghostwriter’s side of the coin,a fact they have to live with as long as they intend to provide ghostwriting services.

No work is ever easy and every field has it’s own fair share of problems that make life difficult. Clients come to you for ghostwriting services because they believe you have something that they don’t, whether the writing skills,time or mere motivation to write. They therefore expect that the writer has all the solutions to all their problems. This can sometimes put pressure on the writer, sometimes leading to fatigue.
One has to strike a balance between projects and strive to remain sane all this time and make sure that the author and the reader get exactly what they’re be looking for.

Anyone involved in ghostwriting services will tell you that there are many difficult clients and this only makes life harder for the writer. For one to produce a best seller, it calls for coordination or chemistry between the author and the ghostwriter. Conflict can easily result in frustration and their objective ends up not being achieved. This calls for the writer to exercise patience and tolerance so everyone goes home happy.

There’s nothing as difficult as working with a client who thinks you are too dumb to offer professional advise. It’s on of the worst nightmares a ghostwriter can ever experience.
Here’s some truth for such clients: you seek out a ghostwriter because you need a helping hand. Please listen to them when they make a contribution. You don’t have to like or accept it. Just listen.

Ghostwriting services can cost you an arm and a leg, depending on the type of your project and the writer you have contracted. Every writer has their own rates and they have their reasons. How much you pay for ghostwriting services entirely depends on the results you anticipate. A good perk motivates a writer to walk an extra mile for you. They will work hard to ensure their output matches the pay and you will be one happy author.

Ghostwriting services are the ultimate solution for the gifted author who lacks the writing skills, time or inclination to churn out outstanding literary works.It is crucial that both parties appreciate each other’s efforts in order to work effectively as a team.


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