App Development: Traits that Guarantee Success

Do you want to be the next  big thing in app development? Well, one truth you need to know is that this is a competitive field. There's always a new and  smarter kid on the block, with ingenious ideas and you have to fight to stay relevant.

Do you want to be the next big thing in app development? Well, one truth you need to know is that this is a competitive field. There’s always a new and smarter kid on the block, with ingenious ideas and you have to fight to stay relevant.

Successful app developers have a few distinct characteristics that make them what they are today. These are some of the basic traits that will make you the next big deal in app development.

App development is not a dumpsite for dumb people as some people would want you to believe. You need a lot of technical knowledge to pull off a great app. Some of these things you only know if you are willing to read and to be taught.
There’s definitely a special type of people who are born smart enough not to need to study computer science, software engineering and the likes. However, even these ones need to read to stay up to date with emerging trends.

This is one major requirement you need to create anything unique no matter the field you are in. Creativity enables you become a trendsetter,a position you will need to maintain if you are to remain the best web developer.

Attention to Detail
For one to create a simple and yet efficient application, the nitty gritties have to be correct. The user experience is often determined by the small details, which some developers may ignore and ruin the entire app.
A great app developer has the patience and keenness to pay attention to every bit of the app in order to achieve a smooth running mobile application.

App development is one field that needs a lot of perseverance and resilience if you are to make it. There will be countless setbacks while at work but you cannot afford to let yourself give up. Sometimes, you will need to to make a complete overhaul of the initial plan to try another.
Trends keep changing daily too and you have to keep up with the world to stay relevant.

You need some form of motivation to get through the hardest days in app development. Passion is enough motivation. Do you love what you do? If yes, you have a high chance of success in mobile app development.

Logo Design Services: The 7-Step Process

Find the best logo design services

A logo is the face of a brand, the perfect representation of a product or service, anywhere, anytime. When you are out seeking logo design services, you want and hope to land on the best designer, one that will deliver a memorable logo.

Your logo of choice will by large scale affect your brand’s popularity and ultimately, sales. You therefore must take all the time you need  to find the best designer and have them deliver the best for your business.


The best people in every field are well known, and it is no different with logo design experts. They are best known by their former or current clients who will willingly narrate their experience with the person in question. Find out also how much it will cost you. Ensure to compare costs from various designers while paying special attention to the quality of services each of them offers. Remember, cheap is expensive and all glitter is not a sign of a gold mine ahead.


Once you have found your ideal logo designer, it is time to tell them exactly what you want. The nitty gritties  really matter in this case.  Introduce your brand  as well competitors to the designer and discuss your  logo design options. This  session should solely be dedicated  to you speaking your mind and making your designer understand what you have in mind.

More Research and Sketching Various Concepts

You need to allow the logo designer some time to put his/her magic on paper. They need to do some research too to find out the current logo design trends that would perfectly work for your brand.  Studying your competition will also be part of their research. A  great logo designer will want to produce a unique  and outstanding logo for each brand.That means more business for them in the future.

You designer will probably get back to you in a while, with various options for your logo. Make the best pick and feel free to reject all if you must. With logo design services, you cannot afford to pay for crap in the name of playing nice.


Send your feedback in time so your designer can begin to work as soon as possible. Quality communication is key in this matter. Make your opinion clear to the expert so you are not met with an ugly surprise when the logo is complete.


Agree on the time frame within which you expect your logo to be ready for business. The logo designer will then officially  go to work. At this point you can only cross your fingers and expect the best. It helps to get regular feedback on the progress so you have a rough idea of what to expect.

Finding expert logo design services is quite a daunting task. However, once you have met a capable and reliable designer, you can already smell  your brand’s  success in the air.

Banner Design: Choosing a Suitable Color

Appropriate color choice in banner design is a very important decision all designers need to make.

Banner design is quite an intricate activity, more-so when one gets to the point of choosing the right color for a certain banner. Color can make or break your banner and so you must consider carefully before settling on one.
Think about the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Is it passion, fear, freshness,humor or vitality?

There is a wide range of psychological effects you can achieve with colors, some of which we discuss here. Having the right color for your banner might be the only good thing about it. You cannot afford to take any chances.

Red is the color of passion, warmth, excitement, love and courage. Too much red can however cause anger and aggression. This can only mean that whichever color you choose, it must be used in moderation.

How about black? It is the most formal color, that also oozes sophistication,comfort and glamour. Black is also the safest color. You can never go wrong with black, unless you overuse it and then it ends up bleeding coldness.

Yellow is a charming color, also considered by some people as the friendliest.A banner must be friendly if anyone is to heed to the call to action.Moderation while using this color is of the essence, unless you want to fatigue your audience with too much light.

is feminine, sweet and warm too. Now you know how to appeal to females. Don’t you?

What color is more calming than blue? Probably none. Blue represents efficiency, safe speed, serenity and elegance. It’s also considered the color of masculinity.

Vitality, sensuality, warmth, passion and happiness. That is the only way to describe orange. This color will put you in a good mood without much effort. Try it in banner design and see if it works for your audience.

Brown is earthy and real. It is a warm color but some people find it too serious. Find a way to make it work for you.

What is the color of nature? Green! When you want a soothing effect, freshness and reassurance, go green. There are so many shades of green you can work with in banner design. Explore the options and find one that works for your audience.

White is simplicity, cleanliness, clarity as well as sophistication. It is worthwhile to note that white is the most neutral color and therefore easily blends with any other color. If you are looking for flexibility, white it!

There are so many more colors to work with in banner design and we obviously cannot exhaust them. Always consider a color that matches your audience. Before you get to the point of creating the banner, study your target market. Find out what color represents your product or service and give them just that. Stay open-minded enough to try various color options too.

If a concept worked yesterday, there’s no guarantee that it will work for the next 100 years. You might be the first to discover a genius idea. Go on and color your banners.

Successful CV Writing: 8 Top Tips

Successful CV writing is very important for job seekers. Your CV introduces you to the recruiter and determines if you are called up for an interview or not.

Writing your CV gives you the opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself to prospective employers. How you do it matters a lot and determines whether or not you get a response from recruiters. Just what makes a successful CV?

Fresh graduates and other job seekers must know the main key points that save a CV from ending up in the trash. It’s actually the little things that count in this case.

  1. Always tailor your CV to the job application at hand. Find out the requirements stated. This enables you to determine what to highlight and what not to. A successful CV matches the job description in almost all if not all aspects.
  2. Keep your language formal. This is probably cliche already but still, there is no harm in reminding you. Don’t even think of typing an emoticon  on any part of the CV. That’s just an example of the annoying mistakes you must avoid. Please do not ‘xo’ the recruiter, otherwise that will be the cost of a life-time opportunity :(
  3. Only provide accurate personal information. This includes names, telephone numbers and emails. Double check such details just to be sure.
  4. A maximum of two pages of an A4 paper will do. It is not quantity but quality that matters here. Be brief and precise. That’s what makes a successful CV.
  5. Pay more attention  to skills and achievements than responsibilities. Every prospective employer wants to know what uniqueness you are bringing to the table. Your set of skills and achievements are a rich source of impressive information. This is the point in CV writing where you are given an opportunity to ‘brag’ about what you have been able to do in the past. Remember only to say ‘stuff’ that rhymes with the job description for which you are applying.
  6. Update your CV  regularly. Once you have a new skill or achievement, remember to make the necessary changes. If you happen to change your address, phone number or email, remember to update that too.
  7. Provide at least two reliable references. Take note of the ‘reliable’ part.
  8. Always print your CV using presentable good quality paper. First impressions still matter.
  9. I know I said eight. This one just came up. Proofread as many times as you can. A missing or wrong  letter or number can be very costly in CV writing.

Well, there you have it, from this day forward, you can only write a successful CV. Nothing less.

Technical Writing: How to Hone Your Skills

Technical writing

Copywriters always find their job exciting until they are presented with a technical writing project. It is considered a rather boring type of writing since there are too many rules to follow. Nobody likes to be restrained, something that technical writing is well known for.
With a specific format and rigid language to adhere to, one can only have so much fun on this side.

Somebody has got to do this and so we have a list of tricks to help you hone your writing skills for a better experience in technical writing.

Every good writer, whether fashion blogger, book author or technical writer has to make time to read. Reading enables you to stay abreast with emerging trends in technical writing. It also presents you with an opportunity to compare your work to other people’s. This way you get to examine your abilities.

There is no end to learning. Every day you’ve got to keep improving yourself because your competition does not sleep. As a technical writer, you must know that clients will always pick the best in the pack. Are you the best today? Will you still be good enough tommorow? Such are the questions you should always ask yourself.
Familiarize yourself with various relevant technical writing tools such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc. The tools will vary depending with your specialization.

When opportunities present themselves, use them to practise and get closer to perfect. There’s no harm in volunteering your skills once in a while if it’s the only way you get to practise.

Find Technical Writing Jobs
There are  as many technical writing jobs as there are consumer products and services. Apply for as many as you can find. Most clients prefer to have their writers confined in an office setting, so do not be too choosy. We know you prefer to work from home :)

When you have proper technical writing skills, you might never need to hire the services of a professional technical writer for your product.


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