The ABCs of Technical Writing

Technical writing

Of all types of writing, technical writing is the most misunderstood. When this form of writing is not done correctly, one rarely achieves the goal of the document.

First off, what is technical writing? This is a form of written communication with a specific purpose and audience. It is   aimed at conveying facts, explaining procedures and evaluating evidence. The various types of technical materials are handbooks, academic and company reports, business proposals and brochures.

Technical writing is characterized by the following major qualities:


A technical paper is written for a specific purpose, aimed at an equally specific audience. Every bit of such a material is therefore tailored to these specifics. This is what leads the writer throughout the writing process, which ensures they stay on-course.


The writer must use facts and avoid opinionated content in technical writing. This then implies that all data featured in technical material must be drawn  from credible and authoritative sources. One must also be careful with numbers and statistics. They must be factual and accurate because some technical reports influence critical decision making among high ranking company officials and heads of departments.


Terms applied in any form of technical writing must be familiar to the targeted readers. If an unfamiliar term is used for the first time, it must be explained. Use of graphs, figures and tables help in enhancing clarity .


Always avoid complex language where possible to avoid losing readers. Too much jargon clouds the core message .


Every form of technical writing has a specific format which should be adhered to strictly. Correct format enhances flow of thoughts for the writer and the reader as well.


Always remember that for technical writing, less is more. Saying too much can easily compromise on the clarity of the document.

CV Writing Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

CV writing

Job seeking is not a fun activity and quality CV writing is the first step towards getting your dream job. Once you land on an opportunity to be hired, you must make the best of it. This is usually your first meeting with a prospective employer and so you must impress.

However, a silly mistake could cost you that great job you so much deserve and desire. These are the common pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to land that job.

Wrong CV for the Right Role

A CV must always be tailored to the job opportunity at hand. Show that your skills match the specifications of the job. Employers will throw your CV in the trash if you do not seem to understand what they want.

Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

This is one of the dumbest CV writing mistakes an applicant can make. This is your moment to shine and typos is not the way, neither is spelling mistakes. Spell check every word just to be sure.

Difficult Format

Sometimes applicants think they are being unique and tech-savvy when they use complicated and rarely used word formats. What they don’t know is that their prospective employer might still be a conservative computer user. They might not have the time and will to search for the right software to help access the file. Why not use the standard format that every computer can open?

Omitting Vital Information

You should know what employers need to know, plus what will give you an upper hand against other applicants. Many job seekers will often forget or intentionally omit the ‘experience’ section, which plays a major role in short-listing . Others will leave out skills, assuming that the rest of the CV says it all. In CV writing, there is no room for assumptions. If it is required, it must be included.

Giving Wrong Personal Details

Any mistake on your personal details is unforgivable. People have missed out on great opportunities because they entered a wrong telephone number or skipped a single figure. Proofread your CV. Proofread.

I Forgot Some/ All Attachments!

By the time you are saying this to yourself, an ’empty’ email has landed in your employer’s inbox. Somebody might be reading it already! You then have to send another email to save yourself. That is very dumb. Think and think again before you click ‘send’

You Write Too Much

Nobody has got the time to read too much to find an employee while there are so many other applications on the table. Tone down on how much you say. Two pages should say enough about you. Leave the rest of the information for the interview, if you are lucky enough to get an invitation.

You can always find CV writing help from CV and resume writing experts.

Content Marketing Benefits for Your Business

Content marketing strategy

Traditional marketing is currently considered an almost outdated strategy. Why so? Consumers now want more valuable and trustworthy information when faced with purchasing decisions. We are in the anti-interruption era in which consumers must get valuable, relevant and consistent content to convince them to buy a product or service.
This is what content marketing does for businesses and more.

Content Marketing Grows Your Customer Base
When you write about things that matter to people, they will be drawn to your business. Consumers want to be educated on important issues and this is the purpose of content marketing.

Generates Sales More Efficiently
Development of high quality web content attracts more traffic to your business. Once readers find valuable information on you blog or website, they begin to trust you and they will need less convincing to purchase. What is easier than that?

Initiates and Maintains Brand-Conversations
Once you develop unbeatable high quality web content, people find it easy to discuss your product (hopefully positive buzz). Your web content needs to be easy for the Average Joe to read and share on social media networks. This is very cheap advertisement, right?

Attracts the ‘right’ People
Content marketing acts as a sieve in the sea of consumers, to lead only the targeted people to your business. You will therefore have an easier job, convincing them to buy since they have passed the initial ‘test’. In order to achieve this benefit, content must be tailored to the taste of the targeted fraction of consumers.

Content Marketing is Flexible
Any business in any industry can make use of content marketing to boost their sales. You only need to understand your business and focus on your goals. If you cannot do it on your own, engage the services of a competent web content developer. Find  one who has an eye on quality and understands the dynamics of content marketing.

SEO Benefits
Good quality web content and an understanding of search engine optimization can easily rank your business  high on the internet. When done right, content marketing will make you a Google favorite.

It is Cheaper
Try it and prove this point right or right.

Characteristics of Quality Content

Quality content

High quality content is key to success in online marketing, especially for small businesses seeking to improve their web ranking. Web content should draw traffic to your site and ultimately translate in the achievement of your goals.
So what determines the performance of a set of words intended for online marketing?

Content generated must suit the interests of the targeted market. This to a large extent determines the kind of language and diction to apply.

Does the content serve the purpose? Does it match the occasion and existing content marketing trends?

Originality and Uniqueness
Someone else might have written about the same subject before but you do not have to sound like them. Readers must have a different experience with your content if they are to choose your product or service over the rest.

Accuracy and Clarity
Do you understand what you are discussing? In content creation, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Web content presents the product or service to the market. A content developer must therefore thoroughly proofread their work before allowing it go live. Bad content once seen cannot be unseen.

High quality content appeals to the reader, which means their interest in the product or service is immediately aroused. This is often reflected by the number of responses received from readers.

SEO Optimization
Search engine optimization determines how many pairs of eyeballs meet your content. One therefore needs to learn how best to use SEO to their advantage, while maintaining relevance and clarity.

How many times your content is shared determines your reach. Content must be tailored in a conversational tone so that readers easily share among themselves. This is where language and diction plays a major role. Too much jargon locks out many prospective readers and/or clients.

For one to achieve quality content, they must have a keen eye on details. A  negligible mistake can cost you many prospective customers.


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