January 14, 2016 cbay

10 Things Never to Say During a Job Interview

You go to every job interview hoping for positive results. Sometimes it's not your lack of qualification but your mouth that actually denies you the job.

When searching for a job, you’re always advised to be in your best behavior to avoid jeopardising your chances of getting hired. The bar gets raised higher when you’re attending a job interview. There are things that job seekers say that ruin their chances at landing a dream job. Be careful with your words because your mouth might land you into trouble.

Here are the things you should never say during a job interview, no matter how normal some of them may sound in your everyday life. Even when you’re tempted to say it, just don’t.

I’m So Nervous
First off, it’s very normal to be nervous. You just don’t need to tell the panel. You need all the confidence you can master during a job interview and being nervous and saying it only makes things bad for you. The interviewer may be looking for a confident person and your declaration of nervousness will simply be the death of you.

Do not Get Into the Interviewer’s Personal Space
They might have a nice haircut but don’t compliment them. Don’t congratulate the pregnant member of the panel. Don’t ask them if they have kids. It leaks of unprofessional-ism and nobody wants to have a nosy person as part of their personnel.

Badmouthing Your Former Boss
When they ask you to describe your former boss, don’t tell them how you hated his potbelly or how his mouth stinks or that he used to hit on you. No. If you cannot find positive adjectives for them, let it slide with a ‘He/she had a great personality’ or something similar to that.

I’m a Single Mom…
It’s normal for you to be a single parent and it’s something you should be proud of. However, you should never try to gain sympathy during the job interview. It only makes you look ‘needy’ and portrays you as an attention seeker.

How Soon Do I Go on Vacation
It’s a job interview mate, not a perks negotiation meeting. You are not in yet, so don’t ask such questions. Save them for later, when you actually get the job.

I’m a Perfectionist
This is cliche and should not be used in 2016 and beyond to answer the question about your weaknesses. All interviewers already anticipate this ‘perfectionist’ answer and so you should try and disappoint them. Find a real weakness and make it work to your benefit.

It’s on My Resume
Come on, they know that almost all of the answers to their questions are in there. They just want you to say it and if you don’t, then add this to your list of unsuccessful job interviews.

I don’t Know
You cannot afford to not know anything during a job interview. If you’re smart enough about it, you’ll have clever and sensible answers to all the questions even when you have no idea when you’re talking about.

Swearing and Using Everyday Vocabulary
Drop all F and S curse words at home before you go for the job interview. You cannot use words like stoned, gay, retarded, wasted and more during an interview too. Isn’t it too obvious?

I Have No Questions
Having no question makes you look disinterested in the job or the company. Formulate one or two questions beforehand so you don’t embarrass yourself.

You go to every job interview hoping for positive results. Sometimes it’s not your lack of qualification but your mouth that actually denies you the job. Be careful what you say.


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